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Camping in Germany

We are driving through Germany - the outer loop (planning to stay around: Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Bacharach, Lubeck) but hoping to do some camping or non-hotel lodgings. We will have an 8 mo old with us. Looking for suggestions on sites to stay and must-see attractions. Hoping to do day trips into Prague and Vienna.

Travel will be in July.

Help is appreciated!

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First off, note that Vienna is nowhere near daytripping distance from any of the towns you mentioned. Prague would be a long daytrip, feasible but not ideal.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of any campgrounds around any of those cities (and I've never been in the vicinity of Lübeck), but there surely are plenty. All I would note is that if you want to camp, you would likely need a car. Campgroungs tend to be in sort of out-of-the-way areas, not always easy to reach by public transportation.

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Oops I meant Saalzburg (from Munich). And Prague from Dresden, not a feasible day trip by train?

We will have a car - we are driving actually from Sweden (through Denmark and then ferry into Germany). Planning on crossing over to France as well when we head back north.

Any recommendations then on where to stay or visit? We were looking at the bigger cities only as hubs for exploring. We will also be on our entire trip for 3 weeks.

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If you haven't done any research yet, start on google. I did a basic search and found this helpful website:

You can find guidebooks specifically on camping as well. Look at your local library or on Since those are long distances you are covering, make sure your plan is realistic and driving times are doable. you can use for driving directions and times.

I hope this helps some.