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Budapest, Vienna, Prague - add Nuremberg?


I posted this in Austria forum but realize it is probably better fit for Germany given the ask about Nuremberg. I am piecing together itinerary for 10 night trip the last week of November and first week of December. Flying into Budapest and out from Prague with train travel in-between. We definitely want to visit Vienna. Is it worth it to stay 1-2 nights in Nuremberg for the Christmas markets? It continues to show up on all the lists of best markets but I wonder if it makes more sense to add two nights to our other stays or sub for another must-see nearby. We have spent several days in Munich on a prior trip.

Nights 1-3: Budapest

Nights 4-5: Vienna

Nights 6-7: Nuremberg

Nights 8-10: Prague

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I would skip Nuremberg, add the days to Prague and do a day trip to Dresden instead. If you take the 8.25 am train from Prague you will arrive in Dresden at 10.51 am. You could take the 4.10 pm train back to Prague and arrive 7.35 pm or the next direct train two hours later.

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I would definitely slow down your trip and just add those days to your other destinations. Maybe think about a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna if you want to add a destination. Considering the shorter days in the winter, I say the less time spent traveling, the better.

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I would skip Nuremberg. Personally, I think even 3 countries in 10 days is too much but at least you're doing open-jaw tickets, so that makes it easier. Nuremberg is definitely worth a visit but not on that schedule. Just tack on days to your existing cities.

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1 I would skip it too.
2 I would add at least one night to Budapest because it appears to be your arrival city and you may be pooped tgevfirst half day
3 The other day, I hate to say would be Vienna.

4 Actually, with such little time I would pick two cities, gir my interests that would be Prague and Budapest and there are cheap quick flights between them.

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Please slow down your trip. Two nights only gives you one day in a city, far too little for Vienna. I guarantee all you will remember is riding on trains or planes.

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Thanks everyone! At the very least, I know now to eliminate any overnights in a fourth city. I’ll likely add a day each to Vienna and Prague so we have 2 full days (plus halves) in each city and can really slow down in Prague for the last day before heading home. Thanks for the quick and sound advice!