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Brodenbach-Boppard Shortcut

RS guidebook mentions if driving between the Mosel and Rhine to note the Brodenbach-Boppard shortcut. Is this shortcut well marked? We will be driving from Beilstein to Mainz on our last day in this area and noted on the map, this shortcut would save us time. Anyone have details on this shortcut? Thank you so much.

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Michelin route finder: Just enter your town names. Roads in Germany are well maintained and well marked.

Brodenbach - Boppard will turn up two different shortcut options.

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Is your itinerary really tight and you need to save time? If so, and you need to get to Mainz as soon as possible, just drive downstream along the Mosel towards Koblenz and take A61 towards Ludwigshafen and Bingen. At Bingen, take A60 towards Mainz. Provided you don't hit a Stau, you'll be there within an hour.

Now, if your time isn't that tight... looking on the map, this route probably won't save you that much time, maybe 30 at the most. It may look really quick on a map, but those small secondary roads that descend into the Rhine and Mosel valleys are usually very narrow and windy. You have to drive rather slow, whereas you can drive pretty fast (100 km/hr outside of town limits) on the roads that run along the river. Plus, you're missing some pretty good Rhine scenery, including Koblenz, Marksburg, and maybe even the famous 180 degree turn of the Rhine near Boppard (I haven't driven this shortcut, so I'm not sure if the curve is visible from that road).

''Is this shortcut well marked?'' I can't say for sure, but it probably has a sign that indicates a connection to the Autobahn. There's at least two roads that fit the description, and not having his book, I don't know which one he means.