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Braubach/Marksburg Castle - Luggage question

Hello, I've hit a snag in my planning and have a very specific timing question. Leaving Bacharach on KD boat at 10:15 on a Saturday, arriving in Braubach at 12:20, planning to visit Marksburg castle and train on to Koln at 14:53. I'm using a German rail pass so KD and all trains are using a day. I had planned to drop our bags, which are small carry on sized wheel duffels, at the TI in town, but it closes at 13:30 on a Saturday. Clearly we won't be able to get up to the castle and back in an hour so I see these options:
-take bags up the mountain and hope Marksburg staff will allow us to leave them somewhere there safely (cafe, gift shop, ticket counter) or tour with them. If possible I will deal with the physical endeavor of lugging them up and back or take the touristy trolley.
-drop bags at a hotel in town where we don't plan on staying. Can anyone recommend a spot that would be accepting and safe? I'd be willing to buy lunch there if that was a condition.
-option I haven't thought of? What else could I do?

I know I could train from Bacharach to Koblenz, use lockers and train to Braubach then back to Koblenz to retrieve and on to Koln, but that seems excessive and I was hoping to be using the KD cruise for better sightseeing on the trip north. Additionally taking KD from Bacharach to St. Goarshausen and then training to Braubach at 11:31 only saves 28 minutes. Doing that and using the TI could still result in my bags locked in the TI after they close, but maybe this is best?. Appreciate any insider help/info. Thanks!

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I didn't have that problem (luggage) when I went to Braubach since I was staying nearby, but I don't remember seeing lockers at the train station. You might write to one of the places in town and ask them if you can stow you luggage there while you go to the castle. I ate lunch at Weinhaus Wieghardt; it's right in the market square.

I don't think you could take wheeled luggage on the castle tour, and you definitely don't want to take it up the dirt path to the castle (although you could take it around the long way up via the car road).

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I would get in contact with the folks running the Marksburg Express, as I imagine they would be able to store your luggage a their office where you catch the train up to the castle. You do NOT want to drag luggage up that steep trail, and you certainly cannot take it on the tour. The train ride is actually fun, and you will get enough stairs to climb at the entrance to the castle as well as in the castle itself.