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Black Forest hiking

I'm going to be in the Black Forest area in September and would like to do a short hike in the Black Forest. Rick suggests the hike between St. Margen and St Peter. We will have a car so I am considering spending the night in St. Peter and hope to get public transportation to St. Margen and then hike from St. Margen to St. Peter where our car is. Is there any type of public transportation between the two villages?

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There is a regular bus, looks like about hourly, between the two towns. Use the Bahn schedule website.

Note: The name is St. Märgen (those two little dots are not ornaments, they means something). The Bahn won't recognize St. Margen, but it will recognize "St. Maergen". Looks like there are two stops in St. Märgen; one is "St. Märgen Post", which is the post office.

St. Peter is "St. Peter (Schwarzw)". Looks like there are about 9 bus stops in St. Peter. The first one, Birkenweghof, is only 2 minutes by bus from St. Märgen Post.

Zähringer Eck, which is more in the center of St. Peter, is more like 10-12 minutes from St. Märgen Post.

Note: Those schedules were for weekdays. The buses will run less often on weekends.

The St. Peter website has a list of accommodations (Unterkünfte) with 59 places to stay shown, along with contact information (websites, email).