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Birthday in Munich suggestions?

I'll be in Munich for my 50th birthday at the end of April, any suggestions for what to do on a Friday and Saturday night? Yes, we will go to Hofbrauhaus. Any other 'must do' for a birthday in Munich?
Thank you

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I would NOT recommend eating at the Hofbrauhaus - get a beer and appetizer and enjoy the atmosphere, but the meals there are NOT very good - there are too many other great choices. The Viktualienmarkt is always a fun and authentic place to sample and try food and the atmosphere is amazing (it's a VERY LARGE outdoor beer garden with LOTS of options == many more locals recommend this over a meal at Hofbrauhaus.

While it's not German, one of our favorite places to dine in Munich is always Vino e Gusto -- it is super tiny, authentic Italian - we always make a RSVP. We like to snack and sample food at Viktualienmarkt during the day and go have a nice meal at Vino e Gusto at night.

You'll get tons of ideas here, you really can't go wrong in Munich.

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I too would not go to the Hofbrauhaus for a meal. We have been several times and did not find the food to be very good, plus it can be a madhouse which isn't our style.

Take a look at Der Pschorr. It is right across from Viktualienmarkt. We have eaten there on tow trips, most recently in December, and the food is quite good and it has a nice atmosphere.

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Question is what is your budget and what countries cuisine would you prefer for your birthday dinner?

Hofbräuhaus is mainly for tourists. Like mentioned ok for a snack but not for dinner.

Munich is a big city with lots and lots of things one could do. What are you interested in?

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@ Mignon, I want it to be memorable but need to keep in consideration that others might be with us, so no more than $150 per person. I'd like to stay in the old town area. For cuisine - Italian or German.

@ Mikliz97, thank you, I'll look at Der Pschorr
@ Chinalake67, thank you, I'll look at Vino e Gusto

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I would recommend the following restaurants. Reservation is required for each:

Weinhaus Neuner, Herzogspitalstraße 8 - top-class Bavarian cuisine

Osteria Der Katzlmacher, Bräuhausstraße 6 - my favorite Italien restaurant.
Small handwritten menue that changes every day (excepct some all time favorites). With a larger group you can have a menu put together by the restaurant.

Pfistermühle, Pfisterstraße 4 - top-class Bavarian cuisine

Halali, Schönfeldstraße 22 - top-class Bavarian cuisine

Can recommend Vino e Gusto as well.

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@ Mignon, I've been told to ask about other suggestions for Bavarian food, a little less expensive.
And thank you very much for those, Der Pschorr is my suggestion.

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Der Pschorr is my suggestion

As an alternative, you might consider the Spatenhaus (opposite the opera), which is a bit more upscale. A three-course menu (without wine or beer) costs about from 60€

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I would suggest below as well - all down town. Reservation would be recommended.

Xaver's, Rumfordstraße 35 - Modern Bavarian

Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom, Frauenplatz 9 - Typical Bavarian
They are keeping up a very old Munich tradition - Stehausschank. You can buy a beer and drink it either standing outside or when the weather is bad in their staircase (no reservation necessary for that). I think it is fun.
Usually after 30 minutes I go inside and sit at a table (reservation necessary). If you want to try this tradition the entrance for the Stehausschank is on the left side of the building.

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In Munich we enjoyed dinner at Schapeau at Hotel Torbraeu in the Old Town area near Marienplatz and the Isartor Gate. It is a lovely restaurant with excellent food and service, a great place for a special birthday. I had the weiner schnitzel and my husband had the sea bass. I would love to go back there. Hotel Torbraeu is over 500 years old