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Birthday celebration

We will be celebrating a 15-year-old birthday in Munich. Any ideas on a great place to celebrate?


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Take them on a tour of the Residenz followed up by a plate of sausages at the Hofbräuhaus.

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I thought 15-year-olds are vegan these days. :-)

Kidding aside: What is this particular 15-year-old interested in?

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Thanks for helping me think! My son loves soccer! I checked to see if there was a football game and there is but the tickets are sold out. We are meeting our 21 and 23 year old sons in Munich who currently are stationed in Bavaria and the other on a semester exchange to the German Military Academy. Thinking of a beer garden sometime during the trip. Son said the 2 teams playing on 4/23 are rivals and the game is sold out. One ticket is 400 euros.

Anyone know of a good sports type bar to see the match? Going to investigate if there are pregame activities and a great place to view. Bummed I didn't think of it sooner!


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On april 23rd Bayern Munich plays versus Borussia Dortmund. It's number 1 agains number 2 in German Soccer Bundesliga.
I assume that's the game in question.
There are many locations/bars/restaurants in Munich showing the game. Maybe the lobby of your hotel is one of them.

Soccer-Golf could be a nice birthday acivity for him. You could do that out of Munich in Zorneding.

Will you be a group of at least 6 who want to play soccer? In that case you could rent an indoor-court for an hour or more.
SoccArena is located in Olympiapark, thus it could de easily combined with other attractions:
Soccerworld is not that central (reachable by bus) but it has a sportsbar showing the bayern Munich match.

Other activities fitting for a 15 years old in Olympiapark would be Roof Climb and Flying Fox in the Olympic Stadium
Or a visit to the BMW world. They offer different workshops for young people

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My favourite team...Borussia Dortmund. Several years ago I saw on TV here in SF on the Spanish-speaking channel Borussia Dortmund lose to FC Bayern, sounds like a rematch now. I was disappointed but admittedly FC Bayern did out play them.