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Bingen to Boppard on KD Cruise/Marksburg Question

We are thinking of taking a train (We have German Rail Twin Passes) from Bacharach on Saturday, October 22nd (Bacharach is where we'll be based for the week the last week of October) to go to Bingen to take a KD Rhine cruise. If we leave around 8 a.m. to take the train, what all can we get in for a full day of sightseeing? We were thinking of getting off the cruise at Boppard, but I'm not sure if Boppard would take up the day even with including the cruise. Can we get Boppard in and then also see Marksburg Castle? If so, how would we get from Boppard to Marksburg? We are open to your fine suggestions.

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how would we get from Boppard to Marksburg?

If you buy the KD ticket from Bingen to Braubach, you could take the next boat (won't work in October, see below) from Boppard to Braubach (or you could buy a new KD ticket from Boppard to Braubach in Boppard.

You can also take the little ferry across the Rhein at Boppard. It lets you off in the middle of nowhere on the other bank, but it's only about a 1 km walk into the town of Filsen (downriver), and there is a train stop (I wouldn't call it a station) there with a ticket automat, and it's only about 20 minutes from there to Braubach.

But make sure you keep track of the boat times (in October, K-D is using their Nebensaison schedule) and the time for tours at the Marksburg. I think the 2nd boat to Braubach gets there at 17:20, too late for the last tour at 17:00).

Maybe you take the first boat of the day all the way from Bingen to Braubach, then work you way back to Bacharach via Boppard on the train (and ferry). When you go to Bingen, make sure you get off at Bingen Stadt, not Bingen Hbf..