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Best way to Wittenberg

How is the best way to get from Essen to Wittenberg? When I looked at the bahn site it looks like I have to take 4 different trains and one bus ! Is there a better city to leave from that takes a more direct route. If I go to Essen for Karneval, I'll go to Wittenberg on Ash Wednesday to get my ashes like Luther!

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As far as I can tell from the bahn site, its very straight forward. Direct ICE train to Berlin then change to another ICE or Regional Express to Lutherstadt-Wittenberg. Or are you looking for a route with a Q-D-L ticket?

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Looking at the Bahn site, from 8 AM until 6 PM, I see 12 connections, all using an ICE or IC (or both). Some have only one connection. Some have Savings Fare tickets as low as 29€. Only if I select "local transport only", which gets me regional connections, which start at 44€ for a QdLT, do I see that many trains to complete the trip (but no bus).

The connection should have "Lutherstadt Wittenberg " as the destination.

I assume you are asking for next year, since Ash Wednesday is already past for this year.

If the connection is to "Wittenberg Kapelle, Neuenkirchen-Vörden", I do get four trains and 2 buses, but that is not Luther's Wittenberg.

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Oh thank you so much! I am much relieved to know I can do it with two trains. I plan to be traveling on a Europass.

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It sounds like the correct station name has solved your problem. You might also enjoy Rick's video on Luther.

If you're only traveling in Germany, then the German pass is often a good value (but it's not a Eurail product, so you won't find it on all railpass web sites). Check prices next December or January, when there may be special offers.