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Best place to visit between Koblenz and Hamburg

We have 2 days between a bike trip and a RS trip at end of May. We will be in Koblenz on May 20 and then need to be in Hamburg late in the day May 22. Rather than take a longish train ride between the two, I'd like to split it up and stop somewhere for one night in between. Our RS tour will take us to Cologne so don't want to go there. Dusseldorf? Munster? Needs to be on a train line. Any suggestions? Small towns are good, hiking is good.

thanks as always (this forum is amazing, and always so helpful)


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Since you are under a strict time constraint, both Düsseldorf and Münster would fit the bill. You want this 2 day visit to be on a train line, so would I. Both Münster and Düsseldorf go straight to Hamburg. Both cities are recommendable, I like them both, just depends on what you prefer more in seeing.

Münster/Westf. is cultural, historical (the site of the signing of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, a momentous event in modern German history. I spent a couple of days here on my first trip to Germany, likewise with Düsseldorf. If you prefer being on the Rhine, then choose Düsseldorf, it's one of the wealthiest cities in Germany. That is evident when one is on the Koenigsallee.

As to a small town in the area of Münster, then I would suggest Soest, the oldest town in Westphalia. While not on a main train line, still easy to reach that by taking the short ride to Hamm, then transfer to the ICE for Hamburg Hbf.

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part 2 here.

Another option of a small town is closer to Münster/Westf is Warendorf, all the more interesting if you have an interest in horses. Plus, there is a major history museum there (expanded) since I saw it last in 2007 in Münster. Presently, this expanded museum is located in Warendorf.

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Pretty much any small town around Münster will have a lot of hiking and biking opportunities there. I stayed 4 nights in Ostbevern, which is a small town about 30 minutes north of Münster and couldn't believe how much walking and hiking there was around there - and everyone rides bikes everyplace! The woman who owns the Ferienwohnung I stayed in commutes to Münster on her bike every day. I don't recommend Ostbevern because the train station sits a couple of miles from the city center (the town shares it with another town) so without a car, it would be difficult (I was there for genealogy reasons). But the towns Fred mentions (and he knows his Germany) would be good choices.

Whichever one you pick, I would suggest looking for a Ferienwohnung (holiday apartment) on the town website - that's how I found mine. I paid €55 a night for a 3 bedroom apartment with full kitchen, balcony, living room, bathroom and washer. To find the town website, just key in the name and add .de to it. For example, to find places in Warendorf, go to Find the Tourismus tab and click on that, and there should be many options for hosting apartments (and also hiking).

You can also check out the website for the whole area, which is very comprehensive.

It's a beautiful and peaceful area and I loved the time I spent there. I think you will enjoy it.

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Re: Münster/Westf: "It's a beautiful and peaceful area...." So very true !

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Make sure you have time to properly see Hamburg!

Have you considered Bremen?

Or going up to the North Sea, either in Niedersachsen or Schleswig-Holstein (I know that's beyond Hamburg)? It doesn't break up the train trip, but it does offer something a bit different and less touristy but appealing to bike people. The trip is only about 5 hours, so it wouldn't be that long to begin with, and the trains are comfortable.

The Lüneburger Heide is a good hiking option.