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best mode of transportation from MUC to Munich

5 ladies on a Christmas market trip will be traveling from MUC to hotel Adria Munchen ( lehel). Carry on size luggage and medium backpacks. Any advice on whether we could all expect to fit in one cab - we aren’t opposed to train into city , if you could share your experience ! Thanks!

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Hopefully, someone else can contribute as to whether 5 of you and all of your luggage will fit in one Munich cab (by the way, does each person's luggage qualify as carry-on). My initial reaction is, no, but then I've never tried to put more than two people, each with just one carry-on and some personal stuff, in a German cab.

I've been in cabs that would hold four, with one in the passenger seat, but I've never seen one for five. But then I don't take many cabs. Also, carry-on for five might fit in a trunk, but it would be tight. But then some passenger could sit with their bags in their labs. Or, perhaps there will be taxi vans at the airport.

On the other hand, despite their claims, I would not call the location of your hotel as "in the heart of Munich". If it were, you could get off at an S-Bahn stop. For your hotel, you'll have to change to a U-Bahn at one of three S-Bahn stations in the heart of town to get to there.

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S-Bahn S1 to Karlsplatz (Stachus) then U-Bahn U4 or U5 to Lehel.


S-Bahn S8 to Munich Ost then U-Bahn U5 to Lehel.

Just take the first S-Bahn train from the airport, if it's an S1 then transfer at Stachus, if it's an S8 then transfer at Ost.

A Group Airport-City Day Ticket covers all 5 of you for 24,30€. The group ticket will cover all 5 of you for the entire Munich network for the rest of the day. (A single ticket from the airport costs 11,60€)

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I've been in cabs that would hold four, with one in the passenger seat, but I've never seen one for five.

A taxi may carry as many passengers as are allowed in the registration document of the respective vehicle. Normally that's four (i.e., four travellers + driver). However, a driver may refuse to carry more than three passengers if they have such heavy baggage that the total permissible load of the vehicle is exceeded. For five passengers you'd need a minivan ("Großraumtaxi"), which usually has to be ordered in advance.

But then some passenger could sit with their bags in their labs.

That's prohibited by safety regulations.

Simple solution - just take the S 8 and transfer to U5 at Munich East (München Ost train station); details and alternatives either at or Avoid the Lufthansa bus, since the airport&city day ticket (as suggested above) is not valid for it.

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If it were me I would just take public transportation as you may have to wait for the right sized taxi and it will be at least 70€ if not more. With ublic transport you can all travel on a group Airport-City-Day-Ticket for 24.30€.

The hotel's website has great directions

Arrival by Plane

  • At the Munich International Airport you follow the signs to the S-Bahn. Before you enter the S-Bahn area you have to buy a ticket.
  • Take the S8 to Ostbahnhof. There you change onto the subway line U5 to Laimer Platz.
  • Two stops later you leave the train at the station Lehel. Leave the station following the signs to Thierschplatz. Reaching the street level with the escalator, turn right and follow the street to the next traffic light about 150 m. Here you turn left into the Liebigstraße and you find the Hotel ADRIA after 150 m on the left hand side.