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Best currywurst in Berlin?

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to have the best currywurst experience in Berlin? I love the stuff.

Let others go to France and Italy for food -- give me Germany.

  • Curry 36 on Mehringdamm, Berlin-Kreuzberg. Theyve got branches at Zoo station, Warschauer Str Station and Hauptbahnhof
  • Curry& Chilli on Osloer Str/Prinzenalle in Berlin-Wedding. THey do sell Currsauce in ten levels of spiciness, one is flat, three to five is decent, ten is ....uiuiui. I have never tasted anything beyond level six.
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Curry 36, but I agree with both above comments:

Doesn't matter that much

And the sauce tends to be the difference

Don't be afraid of chains, darn good most of them.

Bonus tip if you haven't eaten at the KDW department store hit that up, incomparable affordable food bonanza

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My clear favorite is famous Bier's Kudamm 195, est. 1965. Nearly every older ex West Berliner will tell you this address; you will find a smaller version with the same taste at Bier’s Mini 7. They have also a small branch at Checkpoint Charlie but I was never using this one - even it is much closer to my home.

The taste of Bier's Currywurst is really different, the reason is the used sausage. Some other sellers use Bratwurst which is definitely not the old Berlin version of a Currywurst.

Unfortunately Mr. Bier sen. died two weeks ago - a local celebrity in Berlin; you can see some famous visitors at pictures on the wall.

Curry36 offers an average taste to me as native Berliner. The last time I really considered to just throw it away.

Also: Currywurst is not a dish for spicyness competitions. I could say it more like a Berliner but then the post would likely be deleted by admins. :-)

And if you are asked "Mit Darm oder ohne?" always answer "mit". The casing (Darm) is where an important part of the taste is in.

Guten Appetit!

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"you can see some famous visitors at pictures on the wall"

Love the picture with Boris Becker!

Surely there must be one with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, no wall of fame would be complete without those two.

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Pretty good DW Food documentary on Berlin's currywurst, though does feature some of the near-garbage Curry 36 passes off as edible 😉, and the apparently defunct Konnopke.

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  • I put in a request for "doppel scharf" at Curry 36 at Bahnhof Zoo (Hardenbergplatz), and at least for a Berliner/Deutscher perspective, it offered a decent hit.
  • While staying in Steglitz, friends introduced me to pretty darn good currywurst at Zur Bratpfanne.
  • I haven't been to Curry 61 (Hackescher Markt) or Curry 66 (Boxhagener Platz) in some time.
  • I'm fascinated by Curry & Chilli (Gesundbrunnen) which I'll have to keep in mind for the next trip "home" to the B.