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Best airport / itinerary questions

Hello! I am planning a vacation for my family - myself, hubby, two sons ages 18 and 20. This is a re-do from our planned 2020 trip with modifications so I am looking for some advice. We are planning to arrive either the morning of May 24 or 25 and will depart on either June 3 or 4. I know the first day will be tough with overnight flight, time change etch.

We are planning to spend time in Nurnberg and possibly some surrounding areas, Salzburg area and Munich and any other areas in these general regions. What would make most sense:
- Flying in and out of Munich and make a basic triangle as we travel around
- Flying into Frankfurt - train to Nurnberg and end up in Munich, flying out of Munich

We will be using trains as the main mode of transportation and will not be renting a car. I see the benefit of both options and not sure which makes the most sense. This is our first trip to Germany and want to make the best use of our time.

Thanks so much for any advice!

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My initial advice is to stay as many days as possible, especially if you want to see more than two- three areas. Also keep in mind that your arrival day, in addition to jet lag, could be impacted by seemingly increasing flight delays , so that day doesn't really count.
I'd suggest your researching to decide where you really want to go, drafting an itinerary, then come back here with more specific questions, and we will do our best to help.
Have a great trip.

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Given the places you mention wanting to see, I would fly in and out of Munich.

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I'd check if there is any fare difference for the flight to Nuremberg (with a transfer in Frankfurt) against flying into MUC. Sometimes it it considerable, sometimes there isn't any. The transfer from NUR into the center is 12 minutes while the transfer from MUC to Marienplatz oder the main station is approx. 45 min plus a 1 hour rain ride to Nuremberg.

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I normally fly in/out of MUC but my last trip I flew into FRA and took the ICE to Munich on a single Lufthansa ticket (Munich train station is code ZMU, Nuremberg is ZAQ).

It ended up being the fastest and cheapest way to get to Munich as there was direct flight from my home city to FRA and the transfer to the train to Munich was about 30min faster than transferring to MUC airport then the 40mins on the S-Bahn to get to the city center).

The high speed rail ticket from FRA to Munich was included in my ticket and they rebook you automatically at no extra charge if your plane is late. This might be a decent option for you as train travel is less stressful than a plane in my opinion.


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Thank you for all the feedback and options suggested. I did research on the best of everything and we decided to fly in and out of Munich. Flights are booked!!