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Berlin Welcome Card

Thinking of purchasing the card ahead of arrival in Berlin. Web site reads to print it on A4 paper (8.27 x 11.7) but in the US most paper around that size is 8.5 x 11. Can you use the later or is A4 required? The other option listed is mailing it. Anyone have experience with this issue? Thanks

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Why don't you wait until arrival to purchase the Welcome Card.

You may see that you don't use it that much. We were somewhat disappointed in the quality of the museums on Museum Island. Nothing to compare to Vienna, Amsterdam or Paris' museums.

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Thanks. Planned on getting the card for transportation only. New to Berlin so I wanted it ahead of time -one less thing to do upon arrival.

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I saw folks getting caught by ticket inspectors in Berlin at least twice during my 2015 visit. It's not an empty threat--or at least it wasn't in 2015.

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I got a 7-day ticket which took care of most of my transportation needs. Bought some individual tickets on days outside the 7-day period. It worked on the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, and buses.

In 9 days in Berlin I encountered the inspectors three times. Very efficient and professional and thorough. It was somewhat disconcerting, as soon as the train pulled out, when three blue-collar-dressed guys leaped out of their seats, said "Guten morgen," and strode through the cars checking everyone's tickets. They're well hidden until they come to life. But the great thing about the system is no turnstiles, no bottlenecks in the stations.

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I was in Berlin twice in 2022. The first time I bought the Welcome Card. If you want the Welcome Card, there is a store in the arrivals hall that will sell you one. I don't remember the name, but it is either a TI or it's called something like "Berlin Welcome Card." You can walk right up and buy one. It's ticket sized and will fit in your wallet. If you want to start using it right then, be sure to ask for the ABC zone card, which also covers Potsdam.

I did not wind up using it for anything but transport, so when I went back last month, I just bought a Sieben-Tage-Karte at one of the transit ticket vending machines. I validated it on the platform of the S-bahn there in the airport and did not have to validate it again.

I encountered ticket inpsectors on the S-,U-, and on the bus. On one particularly long trip across town my ticket was checked twice. So be sure whatever you buy, you have it handy.

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May I suggest the BVG Fahrinfo app or BVG Tickets app? You don't have to keep up with a paper ticket.

When I set up my BVG account on the app, I could not choose a US address, so I just used the address of my B&B... not sure if a US address can be used now.

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You print the voucher bar code, but then at the airport or train station you exchange it for a 'real' card.

I got one because we needed to take the FEX from the airport into the city.

I've forgotten now, but I would've done better to buy it when we arrived because there was some incentive/deal I missed out on. It wasn't the end of the world though, and I always like to plan ahead.

ETA: It doesn't matter what size paper you print it on.

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If you purchase the welcome card ahead of time online can you use it to pre-book museums and other attractions online?