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Berlin to Nuremburg by train

I am travelling in Germany next month. My trip starts in Berlin but I will be spending the majority of it in Bavaria where I know I can travel on a Bayern Pass. I am now trying to work out how to travel from Berlin to Bavaria at the lowest cost (but hopefully not taking too long). I fancy stopping in Nuremburg. Am I best to travel on a Quer-durchs-Land Ticket from Berlin to Nuremburg? If so how long is this likely to take? Has anyone got any better suggestions and am I correct in thinking I can use a Bayern Pass from Nuremburg onwards into Bavaria?

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Thanks George. It seems to be 69 Euro on the ICE so not unreasonable. Perhaps its is worth it for that part of the trip!

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Sometimes it's much faster but just as cheap to fly, depending on where to where. (e.g. Berlin to Munich on Air Berlin may cost about as much as the train, depending on when you go and how far in advance you book.)

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If you can commit to a non-refundable ticket, you should buy tickets ahead from DB to get a discount fare. You print this out at home (the website may say you need A4 paper, but 8.5 x 11 paper works fine). On the train, you hand the conductor your printout and the credit card you used to purchase the ticket. He/She scans the printout, swipes the card, and you're set. On a long ride like this, I'd get a seat reservation.

I agree that by the time you figure in time to and from the airports and getting to the airport an hour ahead (instead of 10 minutes ahead for the train), flying will not be faster, and it will be a lot more hassle.

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From Berlin to Nuernberg, 69 euros is one of the advance-discount fares, with limited seats at that price. Book it now to avoid paying the full fare of 100 euro in 2nd class.