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Berlin or Prague and then Munich

My 24 year old son and I shall be meeting up with my 20 year old study abroad son for a 7 day Munich-Vienna trip in May.
We shall be arriving 2 days earlier. My question: should we spend those extra 2 days in Berlin or Prague or in the Munich area before meeting up in Munich?
And of course, how easy is it to travel between those cities?
I am open to any suggestions! Thanks everyone for your help !!

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Both Berlin and Prague are the better part of a day's traveling distance from Munich, so you would realistically only have one jet-lagged day in either city. Prague... maybe you could enjoy it with so little time, but Berlin definately needs more. Your time would probably be better spent in Bavaria.

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I would just use the time in Munich. Take a look at daytrips from Munich like Regensburg.

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How desperate are you to see Berlin even for just two days? Very easy connections between Munich and Berlin, direct ICE by day. But, if you're not adverse to taking a night train, between Berlin and Munich is the CNL train which gets in at 0705.

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2 days is too little for Berlin or Prague especially considering that you will have jet lag. I would stay in Munich. Exception: if airfare is substantially lower flying into Berlin or Prague then I would consider it. Traveling between B and M or P and M is very easy.

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I also agree about spending the extra time in Munich. It's a very large city with many great tourist sights.

And it's especially a great place for a couple of young men.

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A very big thanks to all of you who replied with advice.
It looks to me that we shall spend our extra time in Munich and Bavaria !
I thought this sounded best so that we are not rushing about and shall let us get more out of our experience.
Thanks again...Bob