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Berchtesgaden half day trip from Salzburg

Hi Bavarian experts,
We have planned to do the following half day trip to Berchtesgaden including Konigssee lake and Ramsau church from Salzburg on the 22th of October and I'd be grateful if you can help me clarify some issues:

12.23-13.28 Salzburg-Berchtesgaden hbf

13.50-13.59 Berchtesgaden hbf-Konigssee(bus 841)

boat ride up to St Bartholomews and return

17.15-17.28 Berchtesgaden-Ramsau Kirche(bus 846)

17.56-18.11 Ramsau Kirche-Berchtesgaden

18.15-19.04 Berchtesgaden-Salzburg(bus 840)

We plan to arrive at Berchtesgaden from train via Freilassing.We prefer to take direct Bus No 840 but timetable on does not show that it is available on that date while shows that it is available.Is it fine to rely on

There will be 2 of us.I wonder whether Tages ticket or Bayern ticket will be the best option.How much do they cost,where can I buy it and if buying from the conductor how should I ask for it?Can we hop on hop off any train/bus with these passes?

Finally do you think that the dates and times that we have selected are fine for these visits?(assuming weather is ok).

Thanks in advance.

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I honestly don't think that is doable. Things have a way of taking way longer than you think. It doesn't sound like you will have enough time to cover that much ground.

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We prefer to take direct Bus No 840 but timetable on does not show that it is available on that date

RVO 840 is a German bus. The ÖBB website does show Austrian buses, but not German buses. Trust the Bahn website.

RVO 840 runs from Salzburg Hbf to Berchtesgaden Hbf, not from Freilassing.

If you take the RVO bus from Salzburg, use the RVO Tagesticket for €10,40/P.

You can go by train via Freilassing. Then the Bayern-Ticket would work. Like the RVO Tagesticket, the Bayern-Ticket will also cover the RVO buses in Berchtesgaden.

As long as you take the RVO bus both ways, the Tagesticket will be fine, but the last bus leaves Berchtesgaden around 6:15 pm. If you want to stay later, you will need to use the train. The BGL Tagesticket Bus & Bahn, for €14/P, covers both the train and bus to/from Salzburg as well as the buses in Berchtesgaden.

Some people have indicated that they used a Bayern-Ticket for the bus all the way from Salzburg Hbf to Berchtesgaden, but according to the Bahn website it is only supposed to cover the part of the trip in Germany, not the part in Austria. (Maybe the bus driver was giving them a break). If you try to use a Bayern-Ticket, be prepared to pay extra for the part in Austria.

You can purchase the Bayern-Ticket, the RVO Tagesticket, or the BGL Tagesticket Bus & Bahn from the bus driver. If you use the Bayern-Ticket and the train (it covers the train between Salzburg Hbf and Freilassing as well as to/from B'gaden), purchase it from an automat at the Salzburg Hbf. There are DB automats on the platforms; I have also seen the Bayern-Ticket for sale in Austrian Rail automats.

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Do you think this guy might be a little COD? (That's OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, LIKE THEY SHOULD BE).

(Not my joke. I saw it on a card at Fedex, but I love it.)

BTW, you didn't show your schedule for getting something to eat and using the restroom.

I think I would forego Ramsau Kirche (he would spend 2 hours for 28 minutes at Ramsau Kirche) and take the boat all the way to the end of the lake and hike over to Obersee. I haven't seen Ramsau Kirche, but I have seen Obersee, and it is spectacular.

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It's a plan that is tight but doable, especially if you go on a weekday. Occasionally, there are queues for the boats at Königssee, but this is less likely to be an issue during the week. When you get off the bus, head straight for the lake; the ticket booth for the boat is located lakeside. Hopefully, you've found the boat schedule:

While doable, the plan makes me a little sad. I agree with Lee that taking the boat all the way to the Salet stop and then walking to Untersee adds to the experience (and, IMHO, brings you to the best part of the lake). Even better, hike around the right-side of Untersee and perhaps on to Rothbach Waterfall, which takes you through a gorgeous alpine meadow surrounded by granite peaks.

The trip to St Sebastian sounds mostly like a photo op. I saw the outside of the church in May 2017. Yup, it's gorgeous. And... yes, I got the iconic photo of the church with the bridge in the foreground and the mountains in the background. Honestly, I like the photo so much, it's been the background picture for my mobile phone since I took it (and it still makes me smile almost every time I look at it). BUT... my visit to the church was part of a bigger excursion. I followed the path that goes along the side of the river opposite the church to the Zauberwald (Enchanted Forest), which offers an easy "hike" (walk may be a better term) through a nice forest along a river with ever-more impressive rapids as you walk toward Hintersee. The walk around Hintersee is pretty pleasant, too.

So... your plan will probably work fine if your goal is pictures. If your goal is to experience the Königssee area, though, I would suggest picking one or the other (probably Königssee) and adding in some more nature time.

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Thanks all for the replies and inputs!

Lee,as you have pointed out I really wish we could go as far as Untersee but unfortunately, on my date of travel(22nd of Oct),according to the winter timetable,the boat will only go as far as Bartholomew's church.I also have planned a boat ride in Wolfgangsee as a back-up option.But personally I prefer Konigssee.If you have only one option ,which one would you select?I have also planned to do a boat ride in Lake Luzern in Switzerland(from Fluelen to Brunnen).In that case,will Konigssee be like a repetition?

Yes,Dave as you have mentioned, given the limited time,my only concern in visiting Ramsau is taking that iconic photo.Actually I was thinking of skipping it but your comments aroused my interest again!If the weather in fine I might try to shortly visit Ramsau,or else I think I'd better spend some time in Berchtesgaden town before taking the bus to Salzburg..

For the tickets , I am having the impression that the best option is buying a Tages ticket bus and bahn for 14 EUR

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before taking the bus to Salzburg.

I am having the impression that the best option is buying a Tages ticket bus and bahn

Only if you plan to use the train somewhere, and you say you will take the bus back to Salzburg. Are you planning to go to Berchtesgaden on the train via Freilassing? Or are you planning to spend the extra €3½ just in case you want to stay longer in Berchtesgaden or miss the last bus?

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Both:I am thinking of taking the train via Freilassing to arrive at Berchtesgaden as it arrives a bit earlier than the bus (13.05-13.54) and for the return journey, just in case I miss the bus at 18.15 I'd take the train..
The train products are mentioned as BLB S4 and S 2.I assume they are covered by Tages ticket bu and bahn?

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Uhhh... I posted the timetable and missed that the boats do not go to the Salet stop. Sorry about that! That's unfortunate. Still worth going to Königssee, though.

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The train products are mentioned as BLB S4 and S 2.I assume they are covered by Tages ticket bu[s] and bahn?

Sorry, I guess the link to the BGL Tagesticket is in German. The first part, about the valid conveyances reads,

beliebig viele Fahrten im Gesamtnetz von Oberbayernbus, in den Nahverkehrszügen der Berchtesgadener
Land Bahn, der DB, der Bayerischen Oberlandbahn, der ÖBB auf der Strecke Salzburg
Hauptbahnhof - Freilassing - Berchtesgaden, Freilassing - Teisendorf und Salzburg Hbf - Freilassing - Laufen,

Translated: The pass is valid for "unlimited trips in the entire network of Oberbayernbus [RVO], in the regional trains of the Berchtesgadener Land Bahn [BLB], German Rail [DB], Bayerischen Oberlandbahn [BOB], Austrian Rail [ÖBB] on the stretch Salzburg Hauptbahnhof - Freilassing - Berchtesgaden, Freilassing - Teisendorf und Salzburg Hbf - Freilassing - Laufen". S 2.1 is an ÖBB train and S4 is BLB, so yes you can use them.