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Bayern Ticket

As our trip nears, I am starting to second guess myself, so help me understand the Bayern ticket one more time. If we leave Munich at 9 am and travel to Salzburg and return to Munich the same day, can we use the same ticket (for travel all in one day)? Same for day trip to GaP and Zugspitze, leave Munich 9 am and return to Munich same day, can we use the same ticket? Three travelers.

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Yes. If you travel on a Saturday or Sunday, you can leave before 9. And is good until 3 am the next day, so you don't have to worry about turning into a pumpkin at midnight.

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You can leave at any time on workdays, you just can't use the Bayern-Ticket for travel before 9 AM.

Example: Meridian 79311 leaves the Hbf for Salzburg at 8:54. If you want to be on it, you just buy a one zone MVV ticket for 2,60€ to get you from the Hbf to Muenchen Ost at 9:02. You can use the Bayern-Ticket from there. Or, if you are staying on the east side of town, walk to Ost and catch the train there.

There is a connection to Fuessen leaving Muenchen Hbf (RE57700) at 8:53. The train gets to Pasing at 8:59 and leaves Passing at 9:00. You can purchase a one zone MVV ticket (2,60€) which will get you to Pasing on that train. At 9:00, when it leaves Pasing, the Bayern-Ticket will be valid.

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