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Bayern ticket

I will be staying near the Matchlfinger Strasse U station. Can I buy a Bayern ticket there to go to Fussen or do I have to go to Hauptbahnhoff station to buy it? Thanks, Jay

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I don't believe MVV ticket machines in U-Bahn stations have the ability to sell Bayern Tickets. DB machines at S-Bahn stations do, but that does not help you at Matchlfinger.

From your other post, you are coming in a day or so before hand. You can buy ti out of a DB machine when you arrive, making sure to specify the date of validity. If you change your mind, there are no refunds.

The other way is to download the DB app to your smart phone and buy it on line, then show the QR code to the conductor when he/she checks tickets.

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You an also buy it online and a .pdf will be emailed to you.

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From this page on the MVV website:

Wo erhalte ich das Bayern-Ticket? (Where do I get the Bayern-Ticket?)

DB Automaten an S-Bahn Bahnhöfen
MVG Automaten mit Touchscreen an U-Bahn Bahnhöfen und vielen Tram-Haltestellen
(MVG Ticket machines with touchscreen in U-Bahn stations and many streetcar stops*)*
Fahrscheindrucker im Regionalen Busverkehr
MVG-Verkaufsstellen im Stadtgebiet von München
DB-Verkaufsstellen und BOB/MERIDIAN Kundencenter
- Preis pro Ticket um 2 € höher -
Online-Buchung Deutsche Bahn

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If I can buy the Bayern ticket at the airport or at Marienplatz station the day before that I need it, that will be fine. Is it possible?

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Yes, you can buy it the day before from a ticket machine. We did this last month-just make sure that you choose the correct start date. The English instructions are very easy to follow.

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DB Automaten an S-Bahn Bahnhöfen German Rail ticket machines at S-Bahn stations.

So, at the S-Bahn station at the airport or in Marienplatz. Also in the Hauptbahnhof or any other S-Bahn station.

The automat will give you a choice between "today", "tomorrow", or "other". If buying the day before, choose "tomorrow". If you choose "other", it will show you a calendar, and you choose the date. The ticket will only be valid for the date chosen, no refunds.

You can also buy the Bayern-Ticket from the driver on a Munich bus.