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Bacharach lodging

Any suggestions for Bacharach lodging. Need to accommodate three travelers. Thanks much!

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Im Malerwinkel

I've never stayed in Bacharach, but I did see Im Malerwinkel while hiking up, up, up to Stahleck. It's about the only place in Bacharach away from the tracks and not up a steep trail from town.

The show at least one 3 bed room.

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I've stayed at Pension Lettie and Hotel Kranenturm in Bacharach, and would recommend both. I really didn't have any problems with rail noise when staying in Kranenturm, even though my room faced the tracks. The thick walls seemed to cut down the noise quite a bit, however I suppose it could depend on whether the room is in the back or facing the tracks.

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In 2009 we visited the Rhein and Mosel. Our best room of that 12 day trip was the two nights at the Pension Malerwinkel that Lee mentions. Actually, he made me aware of it. The rooms were a decent size. The breakfast was very good. The owner and his wife were friendly. The walk back to it was very scenic. A stream ran under a corner of the hotel and you could listen to it as you fell asleep.

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Also haven't stayed at Maler Winkel, but it is very lovely there, and you won't get the noise from the trains or traffic. It would be my choice if I was staying in Bacharach.

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Bavaria Ben covers rooms in Bacharach very well. It's a very small town sitting beside the Rhine River, but it is a good place to stay. See:

I've also stayed at with Kurt and Fatima at Hotel Kranenturn, and that train is pretty loud beneath the rooms' windows in the middle of the night. Their restaurant is good.

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To be fair, the worst train noise comes from trains that have stopped or are stopping at the station in Bacharach, which is just a little up river from Kranenturm - from the big electric motors laboring to get the train up to speed coming out of the station or the brakes screeching to bring it to a stop. But, there are very few trains stopping at the Bacharach station between 11 PM and 6 AM, when you want to sleep. Trains going by also make some noise, although not a disruptive as those that stop in Bacharach. I know there is a night train between Köln and Frankfurt in the middle of the night, plus freight trains run at night when they don't have competition from passenger trains.

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I've stayed twice in the past 2 years at Irmgard Orth's. She doesn't have email, but the Bacharach Tourist office which is just a few feet away, will make reservations for you.

Description in the two trip reports I have on Bavaria Ben's website

Ben also has his own review of her place.

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This spring we stayed at the Hotel Altkonischer Hof and were quite happy with our choice. Our room had a huge balcony looking out over the main (only?) street. Nice breakfast, free parking a few yards away, and removed from the train line. Across the way is the Cafe Rusticana, where we enjoyed a few meals...well priced, good food, and an extraordinarily friendly and welcoming hostess. By evenings' end every person in that small restaurant was kibitzing with everyone else...maybe not to all tastes, but what a fun couple of dinners we had. Safe travels.

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Here's our experience staying at Burg Stahleck. We walked the thousand steps incl luggage to the Burg (just about did me in) and registered. What a busy place for a DJH (German Youth Hostel). A very popular place - you need to book in advance. A lot of travellers without reservations were turned away. We ended up in a Turmzimmer (tower room). Small, 3 bed room with its own bathroom. My son and I thought we had the room to ourselves - but at 9 pm a Japaneses student showed up. His first day in Germany. We showed him how to set up his bedding. He spoke very little English - but we laughed a lot. Dinner was buffet style with a good variety. Same with breakfast (incl in our E 24.00/ night). From the terrace you'll have an incredible view of the Rhein river. It's easy to meet travellers from all over the world. After breakfast, we exchanged small gifts with our Japanese student and made our way to the KD line ferry dock for our trip to Koblenz. Great memories staying in a 800 year old castle - but no Hilton. Membership card in HI (Hostelling International) and reservation a must.

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i actually stayed at the Im Malerwinkel in september 2013. while i generally had a good experience there, i won't stay there again when we return to bacharach in july 2014. when we arrived, a couple was checking in. the owners are husband and wife. apparently the husband had double-booked their room and basically gave their room away to someone who booked after them. the wife was stuck telling this poor, tired couple. i don't want to stay that since i don't want to be the couple whose room was taken away. in addition,
wifi was important to me so that i could keep in touch with people in the US. it was spotty and frustrating. we also had to re-log in every time we turned our phone back on.

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I'd recommend Hotel am Markt (see below for information).

Oberstraße 64, 55422 Bacharach, Deutschland
Telefon: +49 (0) 67 43 - 1715
Telefax: +49 (0) 67 43 - 919038
We stayed in Bacharach three times and the last time we stayed here and enjoyed it. The restaurant was good too.