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Audi European Delivery Road Trip

I am surprising my husband with an Audi European Delivery trip in March. He thinks I am only ordering the car for delivery at our local dealer, but I will be surprising him with the trip for his birthday. We will take delivery at Audi's Ingolstadt facility and I want to plan a post-delivery 7-9 day road trip. We were just in Bavaria a year ago for Oktoberfest and visited the famous castles, Munich, Bamberg, Nuremburg, the Kongisee, the Alps, Hitler's Eagle Nest, Salzberg, and Vienna. As we were there somewhat recently and have never been anywhere else in Europe besides Germany, Austria, and Italy, I want to put together an itinerary that goes beyond these areas and ends at one of the approved Audi drop off locations for shipment back to the USA. These locations are London, Paris, Nice, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Madrid, and Slovenia. Does anyone have any suggestions? Yes, I have read the other ED posts, but none fit what I am looking for. Thank you for any suggestions.

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By all means visit Switzerland. If you want drop dead gorgeous scenery then Switzerland is for you! Even if you think you've scene amazing places - you've not seen anything until you've been to Switzerland.

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Dalmatian Coast Croatia with a drop off in Slovenia. In March it will probably be too cool to swim though. You can take a ferry with the new car out to some of the islands like Hvar. and Korčula. Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, Split, Dubrovnik etc. Lake Bled in Slovenia. Drove my Audi TT to Croatia and back twice for vacations a few years back from were I live in Oberpfalz, Germany. We did take the ferry out with the TT to Hvar.

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How do you feel about cold weather? That would rule in/out several locations if you wanted somewhere warmer (not warm by any means) but typically Madrid would be a little warmer than Paris.

But for me Paris would be it - so wonderful in the off season!

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What about a road trip from Germany through Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands? If you are interested (since you did visit the Eagle's Nest and Nuremberg), there are lots of WWII sites along the way related to the Battle of the Bulge and Operation Market Garden. Alternately, you could stop at Bruges, Maastricht, and tool around the Netherlands before dropping the car off in Amsterdam.

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If you drive through Austria or Switzerland you will have to mess up your brand new windscreen with hard to remove (and they must be stuck on properly or the cameras will know) Vignette stickers.

Or they could be souvenirs.

I just lost the 11 that were on the car when a stone shattered the windscreen and the lot had to be replaced.

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Nice-good weather in March, clear skies, nice roads along the coast and into the hills and mountains to try out the car. Roadtrip into Italy and over to Cassis from Nice. I'd avoid a city like Paris with a car, particularly a brand new one just out of the factory.

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Depending on where exactly you are, March isn't necessarily cold in Europe, even in northern Europe. It is, however, too early for hiking in the mountains, but you can certainly ski if you want to.

Be aware that some of the mountain passes in Switzerland and Austria will be closed in March.