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Are KN95 masks equivalent to FFP under German rules?

I’ll be traveling through Germany in a few days and understand masks are required on public transport. Do the KN95 masks I packed meet the requirements, or should I get FFP masks?


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No, you are fine with what you have. It is ffp2 and comparable that are accepted.

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KN95 and N95 were acceptable when I was traveling on DB all last month.


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Yes, you will be fine, the different designations are roughly describing the same thing, just a difference in who is setting the standard (ISO(Europe), US, or China) and where they are manufactured.

The only thing to watch is that some of the N95 and KN95 masks for construction work have an exhaust valve on the mask, these are not acceptable.

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Just back from a month in Germany traveling entirely by train, bus and metro. Mask compliance in general seemed very high but maybe a third of people were just wearing the blue surgical masks which are much cheaper than N95s.