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Anything You'd Recommend Seeing In Or Near Markt Einersheim?

Hi All!

This is a (described by the owner of Das Alte Doktor Haus, my B&B) small village near Kitzingen and, of course, in Franconian wine country. I'll be spending the last half of my September vacation there visiting some musician friends and sitting in with them, and I was wondering if anyone has visited this part of Germany and what you'd recommend I see/experience. The guys in the band have kindly offered to chauffeur, and I'd like to be able to suggest something to them.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance!


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Hi Bill- it looks like you will be about an hour from Bamberg (wonderful city for beer) or Rothenburg (very nice walled city- try to avoid crowds from 9AM to 4 PM). You are only 1/2 hour from Wurzburg which has some nice places to see. Your friends will probably know far more details about these places than most of us that have only spent a few days in each area... Hope you have a good visit!!!

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I know nothing about the town itself, but looking on the map, you're pretty close to Bamberg (previously mentioned... gorgeous town with a very unique specialty- smoked beer), and Würzburg. Nürnberg is also not too far away. And although I disagree with the usual assessment that Rothenburg odT is a one-of-kind-gem (gem yes, one of a kind, no), it's pretty close to Markt Einersheim, so you may as well check in out.

If you like hiking, the territory roughly north of Nürnberg between Bamberg and Bayreuth is a one of Germany's better regions for non-Alpine hiking. Lots of old towns, picturesque rock formations and castles.

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"I was wondering if anyone has visited this part of Germany and what you'd recommend I see/experience."
Markt Einersheim is next door - maybe only 1-1.5 miles away - to an astonishingly beautiful old walled town called Iphofen.

Iphofen photos
Kitzingen is an attractive town as well.

Nearby Mönchsondheim (a place I failed to get to because of time constraints and remains on my bucket list) is actually a part of Iphofen - it's an open-air museum of sorts but not one where homes were reassembled from elsewhere - it's a real town.

MAP of Iphofen, Markt E'heim, M'sondheim

I would recommend the excellent Bad Windsheim Freilandmuseum - a short train ride south via Neustadt an der Aisch.
BW Freilandmuseum

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You had me at "Franconian Weinfest Kalender." The one in Heilbronn was a highlight of my first trip.