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Anyone interest in a Burg Eltz video in German?

Popular with Rick Steves and his followers, Burg Eltz is one of three castles featured in a recent Schatzsuche im Schloss or Treasure Hunt in the Castle episode at about 32 minutes. People who have visited the castle will recognize much of it. You can click UT to see German subtitles which may help monoglots pick out dates and other info.

After seeing the Burg Eltz image on a 500 DM note, the current count shows an art expert and companion through the castle, starting with weapons captured by an ancestor during the siege of Vienna in 1683.

In minute 34 the expert admires a bride's chest which might have held her trousseau or dowry.

Minute 35 shows his great-great-grandfather's bedroom. He had the room decorated, the paintings show family members.

36 minutes shows the canopy bed in a room with a small chapel and toilet.

37:51 finds them in another bedroom with the oldest Renaissance bed in Germany. The art expert states that the bed once had a roof.

40: shows the 15th century kitchen where they pay attention to the big flour chest which is older than the bride's chest.

41: shows the chapel with a special Romanesque hand warmer, among the oldest things in the house, possibly from 1150.

At 42: they rehash the visits to the three castles. The art expert was most pleased with the Renaissance bed and hand warmer at Burg Eltz.

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