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Anyone fly out of Nuremberg lately?

I've heard so many crazy things about Heathrow, Dublin, and Amsterdam airports..

I have an early morning Ryan Air flight out of Nuremberg to Dublin. Anyone have any recent experience going through Nuremberg? We are doing all-carry-on luggage (yes, within Ryan Air's skimpy allowances)


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The German website says to be at the airport at least 2.5 hours before departure due to heavy traffic - well it's vacation time and people are traveling like crazy after two years of interruption. Today's flight schedule shows no delays worth mentioning, with the exception of a few flights to the vacation destinations in the Mediterranean. But these have also occurred pre-Covid, since the turnaround times of the aircraft are often very short and delays add up.

From the main station it is only a 12 minute ride with the U2.

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Don't think I've ever flown Ryanair out of Nürnberg. I have waited in a long line for some flights where a bus load of tourists arrive for departure, Danube cruise etc. Other flights I've had almost no wait. Nürnberg airport is a nice small modern airport. Sometimes the cost of a International flight to Frankfurt or Munich, with and additional flight to Nürnberg is almost the same. I've been there early in the morning and the ticket counters were closed, too early.