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Any information on the Munich Walk Tour Neuschwanstein + Linderhof tour?

We are interested in this even though a long day. Is it a train ride all day? Likes of dislikes? This is my first trip to Germany and I want to see as much as possible.

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If you've never been to Germany before, Neuschwanstein is probably on your must-see list, but be forewarned, it's not that great. It's not actually very old and there's not much to see as the king who built it died while it was still under construction. I think the toure is like six rooms, I kid you not. Many people are underwhelmed after visiting and feel they could have spent the time in more interesting ways.

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Is it a train ride all day?

The train ride is about 2 hours, each way, plus a 10 min bus ride from the Füssen Bhf to the tourism center in Hohenschwangau.

I wasn't disappointed in the castle (I've been there twice). There aren't that many finished rooms, but they are interesting. If you schedule it right, you can also see Hohenschwangau castle, where he grew up.

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Honestly, Neuschwanstein was on my must-see list and it was part of the tour that I was on, so we went, but I wouldn't go back. It really is unfinished, you only get to see 6 or so rooms, you're crammed in there with 40 or so other people, and you're rushed through the rooms. There are so many people crammed in with you that you don't really get a good look at the rooms either - it might be different if you go during a different time of the year though.

The scenery around there is beautiful and the view from the balcony after the tour is lovely. If you're including it along with other, more interesting castles, it might be worth it (if you have reservations and don't have to wait in line to buy tickets), but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it. I wish that we'd had that time in Munich instead of spending a whole afternoon on Neuschwanstein.

We were on a tour, so our tour bus took us there, but, from my understanding, you'd have to take a train to Fussen and then catch a bus out to the castles. I don't know that you'd have time to do a walking tour in Munich AND make it out to the castles.

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If you mean this tour it could be brilliant. I have no personal experience though. A long day (10.5 hours) and pricy at €74 but you see Linhof too. They must include a local guide who will provide info about each site and assistance with transfers.

But the best view of Neuschwanstein is from the St. Mary's bridge, does the tour provide enough time for walking up to it?