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Any Advice on Pottenstein?

Hi - Has anyone been to Pottenstein recently? Is it okay to get there by train from Nuernberg, or is a car much better?
We are thinking to rent a boat, swim in the lake, and do some of the rides.

Thank you!

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There is no train to Pottenstein from Nuremberg or elsewhere. You'd have to go by train either to Pegnitz or Ebermannstadt via Forcheim and then take a bus. Its better to have a car in that area. Public transport is mostly east west oriented but you would want to go north and south too. E.g., Bamberg, Bayreuth, Gräfenberg (google for "Fuenf Seidla Steig"), Vierzehnheiligen etc. Don't miss the cathedral in nearby Gößweinstein.