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We are traveling through Germany for about ten days. Although we have been to Germany several times, this will be the first time to lead a group of 7 to 9 others. We are familiar with our route, but need specific assistance with places to eat especially along the way from one destination to another. We are traveling from Frankfurt to Dresden and will need to stop for the noon (about) meal along the way. We will be in Dresden for three days and could use some advice on restaurants to add a little variety to our meals especially for the Sunday meals while we are there. We will travel to Rothenburg ob der tauber and will need some place to eat along the way again. We will head out to Munich for Oktoberfest and need to eat there at noon before we attend the festival...I think. We will head through Austria to the Swarovski factory and the next day to Neuschwanstein Castle and wind up in Triberg. We have good ideas about where to eat for those days. Then we travel to Strasbourg, France and might need help for the noon meal there and then on to Baden Baden and could use some assistance for the evening meal there.
The rest of the tour is familiar and we have good ideas for the meals along the way.
We need help with:
1) Meal traveling from Frankfurt to Dresden
2) Meal variety while in Dresden
3) Meal enroute to Rothenburg
4) Meal in Munich (other than Hofbrauhaus)
5) Meal at noon in Strasbourg, Fr.
6) Meal for evening at Baden Baden

I hope there are some travelers who can help us with some suggestions for MODERATELY priced restaurants.
Thank you so much.


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Are you traveling by train or with a mini-van?
Check out restaurants on Trip Advisor to find ones that interest you. Personally, I have never planned a restaurant visit, as it is easy to walk down the street and read the menus. Does it have what I want at the prices I want. I might check reviews on TA before deciding, but not usually.
If you are going to Oktoberfest, why would you eat before you go and not want to eat there? Fest food in Germany is great.

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It would depend on how you are travelling and how fast you are travelling and what special requirements your group has.

You might decide, for example, what time you would like to leave Frankfurt on the way to Dresden, and as you already know your route, you should be able to calculate about where you will be on the route when you think your group will be ready for a meal. Then you could ask us for suggestions within, say, 50 km of that place, and perhaps we may have a suggestion. Or, as Jo says, maybe TA.

My guess is that with 3 or 4 hour travel some of your group may say to stop earlier than some others... but maybe not....

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Thank you for your responses. Maybe I was too vague about our needs. My wife and I have traveled between most of the places we are visiting, but are unfamiliar with places in between. As I looked at towns along A4/A5 for example, I would use trip advisor to try to make a choice of where to stop and also where to dine. I was hoping somebody might know of specific places along our route(s). We are a diverse group and will enjoy several different kinds of establishments. What I was trying to state is that we would not leave a city or place we are visiting very early and, most of the time, we would need to stop along the way for the noon meal...but where?

I hope this clarification will be helpful. I am really impressed with the quick response and hope for possibly more assistance from travelers who have experienced places enroute which they can suggest.