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Amsterdam to Berlin train

I fly into Amsterdam and out of Frankfurt. I would like to buy a 1st Class German Twin Pass, but will need to get to te border on the way from Amsterdam to Berlin, my first leg. Can I buy a second class ticket out of Amsterdam to the border, then switch seats and cars and move to first class for the balance of the trip? Or do I have to buy a 1st class ticket from AMS to the border since the rest of the trip is in first class?

I do not want to get off of the train.

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I don't think you can buy a ticket "to the border", but to the next stop after the border (Rheine if you take the direct IC).

You don't have to get out of your 2nd class seats at the border. It's perfectly OK for someone with a 1st class ticket to ride in 2nd class.

But Twin passes come in 2nd class. Why not get one? There is nothing wrong with 2nd class in Germany. That way you could reserve the same seat all the way to Berlin.

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You won't have to get off the train. You can buy the ticket in either class at Amsterdam station, but if you want to add an optional seat assignment (4 euros) then it would be for one seat in one class. I have also been happy with second class.

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I do not want to get off of the train.

Some of the trains on that route have one change, while others are direct. Be sure to choose one of the direct trains or you WILL have to get off the train. That's a very easy trip, and your arrival at Berlin Hbf will be interesting, as the station is enormous!

When buying your ticket at Amsterdam Central for the first leg of the journey, be sure to have cash at hand, as they ONLY accept "Chip & PIN" credit cards. Also, as the others have mentioned, second class is perfectly comfortable so I wouldn't bother buying first class tickets.

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You won't need to get off the train, as pointed out above. I've done what you are asking... once. In Amsterdam you buy a ticket to the border, well a little beyond, ie, get a ticket Amsterdam to Duisburg Hbf. Show that to the Dutch controller. In Duisburg show your German Pass to the German controller when a personel change takes place. That covers you to Berlin.