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After dinner time in Bacharach

We will be arriving on Friday, October 21st via train from Frankfurt to Bacharach (where we will be based for a week) around 6 p.m. (Assuming it takes 1 ½ hours to get there by train.) After we check in to our hotel room, we'd like to have a nice dinner. We were thinking we might go to Bacharacher Hof. Will we need reservations? What would you recommend that we do after dinner to get to know our surroundings a bit? This will be a travel day for us, so nothing too tiring.

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You can walk 200 yards down to the Rhine and watch the tour boats go by. Bacharach's a very small and quiet place, and we've stayed there 3 times--going thru town.
Our first time there, we stayed with Kurt and Fatima at Hotel Kranenturn. Kurt's a pretty good cook in his restaurant.

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alice, Bacharach is tiny and quiet. You can walk from on end to the other in a leisurely 15 minutes. Once you've walked from the rail station to your hotel, you'll probably have seen all you need to be oriented. There's not much to see besides shops that will likely be closed by then. This is not a slam, I like Bacharach, but it is what it is - a quiet little village.

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Thank you. I think a walk after dinner will be a perfect way to end our day. We realize that Bacharach is small, but that's okay by us. We live in a very small town and would rather stay in a small place and just venture out each day to bigger places knowing we can be "quiet" at the end of the day :-)

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around 6 p.m. (Assuming it takes 1 ½ hours to get there by train.)

There is a connection leaving Frankfurt Hbf at 4:25 PM (FRA at 4:37 PM), with a 5 minute change in Mainz, getting to Bacharach at two minutes before 6 PM. The change in Mainz is from track 3A to track 11. It's a one platform change. Track 11 is a stub track ending against the side of the station building across the platform from track 1, on the 'A' end.

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I really enjoyed Bacharach. I agree that a walk is a great way to cap off a busy travel day. We were there in 2012 and found a gelato shop that had Reisling gelato--delicious. I can't remember what it was called, but the town is small so it should be easy to locate if it is still there.

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if you like to walk, taking the steps up to the burned out chapel is gorgeous in the evening. You could also walk the vineyards, there is a lookout that is a great view over bacharach and over the rhine.

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I second the Riesling gelato - perfect dessert on your first night in town :-) To be found at Eiscafé Italia 76, Oberstraße 48. Map

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I agree with the others - just do a walkabout after dinner, explore the town and perhaps do some browsing in the local stores (as I recall, some are open in the evening). The nice thing about a walkabout on a travel day, is that it doesn't have to take a long time or be a strenuous exercise.

As you're going to be there for a week, if you're energetic you can hike up the hill to Burg Stahleck (Hostel) and have a cool one while admiring the incredible views.

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We enjoyed two very nice meals at the Cafe Rusticana. Good food, reasonably priced, but charming and convivial owner was the real draw. Friendly and conversational, we felt truly welcome. When another couple at the table next to us commented on the cruets on the table, the owner walked to a cupboard and returned with a set which she insisted they take home as a gift. We gabbed with the couples from Tennessee and were soon joined by a few German couples who seemed eager to join in and had a great time.

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If you are in good physical shape, you may want to climb the stairs to the castle, Burg Stahleck - now a hostel. From the terrace, you have a wonderful view of the Rhein and if the Kantine (kiosk) is still open, you could get refreshments and sit on the patio. You don't have to be a H.I (Hostelling International) member. You'll get to meet locals and international travelers and easily can strike up a conversation.