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Aachen Cathedral Tour Tickets

Hello. We will be visiting Aachen as a day trip. The English language tour is at 2p, for which tickets must be purchased that same day. Does anyone know if they are apt to sell out? I tried asking directly but was told they go on sale at 10 that morning. It is more convenient to arrive in the afternoon, but if necessary I will go in the morning. It seems there are not many tickets available-perhaps 8. Any experience out there with this? Thanks

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Yes, They sell out. We almost had the misfortune, but the guide overheard us being turned away and told the ticket seller to let us join. This was high on my list, so don't take a chance. The group was larger than eight.

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We did this about five years ago - arrived at 10 am to buy the tickets and then viewed other sites in town until the tour time. I think our tour sold out and I would say there were 30 people on it. A little crowded but very worthwhile.

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I decided to post an answer to my own question, now that I have gone there myself.
For various reasons, we were unable to make it there until 1245. We were told tickets were still available, and later discovered they were giving two separate English tours (both at 1400) with different guides. I would say there were 15-20 in each group. I don't know if they would always do this, but it seems like they do try to accommodate those looking for an English tour.

I do strongly recommend the tour but if it was not possible I would still visit the cathedral. If possible, spend a night in Aachen.