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187th Munich Oktoberfest will start soon

I've never thought I would feel that emotional :-) Just sitting in front of the TV and watching the opening ceremony.
I'm hardly able to count how ofter I've been there but still something very special for me.

For all of you will be there as well I wish you a great time and hopefully the spirit will touch you.

Have fun :-)

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My husband and I went to Octoberfest in Munich about 5 years ago. I wasn't really looking forward to if but I had THE BEST TIME!!!! SO much fun!!

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I lived in Germany for four years and did Oktoberfest in Munich three times. I loved it. Loved the parade at the beginning of the fest. Loved the atmosphere in the huge tents, with the music and of course, with everyone singing.

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Thanks for posting this, Mignon. Going to my first Oktoberfest next weekend and can't wait! :) Wasn't aware that this year's instance was the 187th. But guess 2022 minus (inaugural) 1821 -- give or take a few off-years due to war/s and health pandemics -- would arrive at 187. It's so great that your region is once again able to host and celebrate this event after the past two years of our worldwide isolation. Prost!

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Prost Matt and enjoy your stay. Hopefully the weather will be better then :-)

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As a pedantic person with German ancestors. just remember that Oktoberfest is mainly a Bavarian tradition. Many Americans assume that all of Germany celebrates it.

Attended a lecture by a visiting German professor who talked about the history of the festival and how most other nationalities assume it's celebrated all over the country.

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Well, I won't be there this year. But I'll do my best to celebrate at the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten in Asbury Park, New Jersey!!!! It's not the same, but I'm still looking forward to it!!!

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I stopped by this morning. The weather is keeping a lot of people home but it was still nice to stroll around the fest grounds. Cant wait to go back in the evening!

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As a pedantic person with German ancestors. just remember that Oktoberfest is mainly a Bavarian tradition.

Yes, but the first Oktoberfest was financed by Therese's (the bride of Ludwig I.) father, the ruler of the tiny principality of Saxe-Hildburghausen, who spent about three years paying off the debts he had to incur for the festival. So poor Hildburghausen (near Coburg) would actually have a moral right to celebrate a "real" Oktoberfest. Maybe in "real" October.

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I hope everybody is having a good time at the Oktoberfest although the weather is very bad.
If you would ask locals most would say the weather was much much better in the past :-) Maybe true or maybe just romantic memories. Who knows.