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16 Days Germany/Austria/Prague


I'm currently planning a 16 day trip in Germany and Austria, including Prague (my first time in these locations). Due to transportation schedules, I'm arriving in Berlin a day later than I originally planned. I feel like I need to add the day back, but I don't know which other destination I should pull it from. Here's the tentative itinerary as it stands:

26 – Arrive Berlin in morning (~9am); full day Berlin (not flying, so no jetlag to deal with)

27 – Berlin

28 – Berlin to Dresden

29- Dresden

30 – Dresden to Prague

31 - Prague

1 – Prague

2 - Prague

3 – Prague to Vienna

4 - Vienna

5 - Vienna

6 – Vienna to Munich, via Salzburg (2.5 hour train in morning, day in Salzburg, 2 hour bus in evening, check in late)

7 - Munich

8 - Munich

9 - Munich

10 – Munich

11 - Depart Munich early morning

It feels a bit Munich/Prague heavy (I have a few day trips in mind, though). I've considered adding a day to Vienna as well. I've also considered cutting Dresden, adding those days to Berlin and Vienna, and leaving the rest in tact.

I would appreciate any suggestions on the best way to allocate these days. I'm traveling in winter, if that changes anything.

Thanks in advance!

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You need 2 more days in Berlin. I would pull 1 from Prague and 1 from Munich.

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You definitely need more days in Berlin....take one day away from Prague and one from Munich. Add the two days to Berlin, as Russ suggested. Prague is not anywhere on the same scale as Berlin. It's bigger, more spread out and has more sights to see.

It doesn't make sense to drop Dresden. It's a perfect in-between spot on the way to Prague.

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I agree with Russ and Agnes. Also, take an late afternoon/early evening train to Dresden after a day's sightseeing in Berlin. Everyone's tastes and experiences are different, but of all your cities, I was least impressed with Munich. I'd also consider an overnight in Salzburg.

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You have to set some priorities here. I would drop a day or two from Munich and/or Prague and add that to Berlin. You also have the night train option going from Vienna to Munich, which gives an extra day in Wien. I would do this night train option. You have to drop Dresden or Salzburg.

Traveling in the winter does have its drawbacks as regards to train connections. They could be fewer in direct connections, ie having to change trains, maybe more than once, and fewer choices.

Compare and contrast the DB summer schedule with its winter one. Notice the differences. That's why I travel in the summer, which also has its drawbacks.

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Add to Berlin, you will be glad you did and do keep Dresden.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll definitely shift some days to Berlin, and consider skipping Salzburg for more time in Vienna.