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15 night Itinerary - Suggestions?

Hello all. My Husband and I have flights booked in / out of Munich Sept 5th through the 20th for a total of 15 nights. We booked Munich because we got an excellent price on non stops flights from the U.S. We have both been to Europe before and we would like to take the train and not rent a car and have come up with the following itinerary. What I am wondering is if anyone has any insight into how easy it is to take the train to and from the towns below included in our agenda, or if you would strongly recommend bypassing the train and renting a car in any instance? We do not mind some longer travel days. After looking at all train schedules, it seems they are affordable and we could get them when in Europe instead of booking in advance with the exception of the train from Innsbruck to Desanzano and out of Desanzano to Lucerne (we will save a good amount of money by booking this train in advance). Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Arrive in Munich, take train from Airport to Garmich Parten Kirchen (Germany) - 3 nights
Train from Garmich Parten Kirchen to Innsbruck (Austria)- 1 night
Train from Innsbruck to Desanzano with bus or taxi to Sirmione (Lake Garda Region / Italy) - 3 nights
Bus then train from Desanzano to to Lucerne (Switzerland)- 3 nights
Train from Lucerne to Konstanz (Germany) - 2 nights
Train from Konstanz back to Munich (Germany) - 3 nights

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I'd look for prebooked saver fares for the innsbruck - Desenzano and the Lucerne - Konstanz leg.
You might consider replacing Konstanz by Lindau. It's more pittoresque than Konstanz and you will be able to use a Bayern ticket for your trip back to Munich. You could include Konstanz in a day trip by train and boat nontheless, e.g. when visiting the Mainau.

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Lindau. It's more pittoresque than Konstanz and you will be able to
use a Bayern ticket for your trip back to Munich.

Alternatively, you can use a Regio-Ticket Allgäu-Schwaben back to Munich Hbf. The base cost (first person) is 20€ vs 25€ for a Bayern-Ticket, up to four co-travelers are 6€ each with either ticket. Here is the plan of the network covered by the Regio-Ticket Allgäu-Schwaben.

However, if you need to use conveyance of the MVV when you get back to Munich, they are covered by the Bayern-Ticket, but not by the Regio-Ticket.

BTW, Partenkirchen is one word.

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Why 3 nights in Garmish but only 1 in Innsbruck?
Look into Lindau or Meersburg, Konstanz isn't that great imo.