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Best SIM for four-country trip

I posted this in General Forum. Doing it here because I thought some different folks might see it, and we start in Germany.

My girlfriend and I start a six week trip soon-- Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. In our last trip to Italy and Spain, we found it very convenient to have a local cell #.

We used Vodafone in both countries, and it worked well. The only downside was needing to get a new SIM when we went to Spain, to avoid a much higher cost.

Will we need to do a similar switch on this trip? It's not the worst thing on Earth if we do...but with EU integration, I'd think there are carriers that make this border-hopping easier.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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Jim- I got a couple responses when I posted this in the General Europe forum. Maybe one can help you?

I checked out Eurobuzz, and it looked interesting.

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I signed up for a $50 monthly plan on T Mobile that has $.20 per minute international voice calls and unlimited text and data. It takes a GSM T Mobile or AT&T phone that's been "released." And you don't have to sign up for any 2 year agreement. As far as I can tell, that's the best deal going. If you don't like T Mobile's service when you return home, cancel the plan. They've really signed up a bunch of new customers with this plan.

And T Mobile is the cell carrier for a number of European countries.

We kept getting phone calls in the middle of the night in Budapest from our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter on her mother's speed dial--calling us like we were down the street. At that price, we could afford to talk to her.

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I like my $9 SIM from EuroBuzz. If I don't make a single call, I'm not out any more money. It never expires, so I can use it on my next European trip. If I don't use it then, either, no money is debited from my credit card account. Nobody to contact, just take it and go. It works seamlessly across the borders, too, so no roaming worries.

I also don't have any 2-year-olds calling me in the middle of the night (no matter how welcome it might be LOL!). Unless I've specifically given someone my phone number (or had my calls forewarded), they can't wake me in the middle of the night ;-) I also don't have to fiddle around with my regular cell phone contract.