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Study Abroad

Hi all, I am studying abroad in Hannover, Germany for a little more than 6 weeks through July and August. I've already ordered power adapters for my laptop and cell phone and a sturdy backpack to use for basic stuff (sweat, water, map) when out and about. My main concern is planning for the weather. I plan on taking a typical hoody with me but do I need more cover than just that? I'll take a few pairs of jeans and shorts. Also, if anyone has other input regarding what to take please feel free to include it! This is my first time going to Europe and I am extremely excited! I hope to visit Rome, Amsterdam and Paris during my stay. Thank you for the help!

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I would say, you can't rule out some cool weather, particularly in Hannover and Amsterdam, but more than likely, temperatures will be warm and possibly even hot for brief periods of time. Maybe pack one sweater and a light jacket in addition to what you have already mentioned. Actually, you may not even need them, so to save space, consider just buying some cheap warmer clothes on the fly if it gets a little cool.

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What's your field of study in Hannover? On the weather Hannover can be hot or overcast, rainy, etc. in the summer.