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Favorite souvenir

I'll be visiting the Munich/Garmisch-Partenkirchen area next month.

I'd love to know what is your favorite souvenir or goodie that you purchased while you were there. It can be for yourself or another.

Go! Thanks!

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My complete Bavarian Tracht outfit. Not lederhosen and suspenders, but more modern and stylish, something like this with almost this exact jacket. I will admit, though, that I rarely encounter occassions where this is appropriate atire, particular because I live in an area of Germany where this is not the traditional style of clothing. Kind of like a New Yorker walking around non-ironically in a country-western get-up.

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Hi! I have too many favorites to narrow it down to one. I love bringing home souvenirs that I can enjoy on a daily basis. Almost all the art work hanging in our home are from our travels. Lots of kitchen stuff from gadgets to tea towels to trivets, scarves and shoes are a favorite too as are more traditional items like the wooden Smoker Man collection I've accumulated over time. I now have enough wooden christmas ornaments from Germany to decorate the whole tree with. I bought a sticker with a "D" on it that cars in Germany have and put that on my Mini Cooper. But I would have to say that my favorite are the photographs that we take that I make into a scrapbook for each trip. By the way, you can tell that I have a deep adoration for Germany.

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Is that you in the picture Tom?

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Kimberlee wrote: "I bought a sticker with a "D" on it that cars in Germany have and put that on my Mini Cooper. But I would have to say that my favorite are the photographs that we take that I make into a scrapbook for each trip."

That brings back memories. On a student tour to Bavaria in 1968 I bought one of those 'D' ovals and had it on my first car, a '66 VW Beetle, for several years. You're correct, though, the photos are most valuable. My 1968 photos inspired me to go back to the same Bavarian lakeside town 45 years later, last September. It was fun to re-take some of the same photos, and to share the old photos with locals via my iPad (examples here).

I wanted to buy a miniature Maibaum as a souvenir of my visit to Bavaria last year, but for some reason didn't do it. I'll just have to go back this summer and rectify the situation. :)

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My favorite souvenir from a 1969 student-just-out-of-school trip was the "D" -- and the VW convertible that went under it. Kept the car until 2006. Generally, however, my souvenirs have to be easily portable, light and non-breakable so mostly scarves and keychains.

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Claire, I wish I was that handsome...

PS- The most appreciated gift I ever bought for two of my nieces back in the states were a pair of Dirndls from the same store. They thought they looked like real princesses wearing them. I didn't have the heart to inform them about the Dirndl's peasant roots.

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I'm always concerned about conserving space in my luggage when I travel and I also like to have a souvenir that will actually fit into my daily life once I am back home. I learned early on that what may look fantastic while you are away may not be quite as meaningful when you are back at home in your regular routine. So, quite a few years ago I decided to pick up a piece of jewellery on each of my trips. Sometimes it is something inexpensive but clearly local (a necklace with my name in hieroglyphics from Egypt) and other times it may not reflect the place to others but holds special significance for me (a watch from Geneva) but they always remind me of where I have been whenever I wear them.

We always pick up the local picture/guide books you see in gift shops when we travel in Europe, too. They give us a nice visual of places we've been and are always there to help us dream and plan for our next trip.

These and photographs - I always make a nice album or printed book after each trip - are the two types of souvenirs that always mean the most to me once I am back at home.

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What great ideas! Thank you all for your responses!