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Munich or Berlin?


I plan to visit Germany, Czech Republic and Austria this summer. I am trying to decide whether to visit Munich or Berlin and would like to get some advice. This is my first time being in Germany. My interest is in the history, culture and true flavor (food and life) of the country and the region. I'll have about 4 days to spend in Germany, so it'll be too much to visit both cities. Would you help me in my decision? Thank you.

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Both cities are beautiful and well worth visiting. Which one to choose will likely depend on which fits best with the overall travel route and the other places you're visiting. I suspect that Munich will be an easier fit in that sense.

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I have visited Munich twice and love the city. I have not been to Berlin but it will be on my next trip. I can offer some things to do in Munich. Munich is close to Fussen, so you could book a trip from Munich to see the castles. The Residenz is an amazing palace within Munich, be sure to visit. Nyphenburg palace is just outside of Munich. If you are interested in art, museums are wonderful. If history is you thing, there are many walking tours you can book. My husband is interested in WWII so we went on a Third Reich tour and also booked a tour of Dachu. If you are interested in German fun, the English Garden is our favorite beer/food venue. Nothing better then drinking a liter of beer and meeting new friends at a table you share with others. The food is outstanding too. Beer is something we enjoy so we went on a beer tour that was both fun and interesting. One thing I highly recommend is Eis. Eis is ice cream that you see everywhere. Stop and have a cone at least twice a day. Nice to cool down after a hectic day of sightseeing.

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If you're headed to the Czech Republic and Austria next, Munich is probably a better fit, simply on the logistics.