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10 days itenary

Hi All,

We fly into Frankfurt and exit from Munich - we have 10 days in hand and plan to visit scenic places.

Countries - Germany and Austria or Germany and Switzerland. [ all the three countries may be not be right approach i believe considering 10 days ]

Mode of Transport - Train wherever available / Bus [ we do not intent to drive ]

Dates : 21st December to 31st December.

Any advice's in terms of the towns we can cover ?

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Assuming your arrival is 21 Dec ( not the departure date from wherever home is) you have 9 useful days. Presumably you fly out on the 31st?

Visiting scenic places in the dead of winter will be a challenge. Shortest daylight hours of the year; bare trees, not ideal conditions.

Typical weather is lows near or below freezing and highs of about 39F ( 4C)

What scenic places did you have in mind? What prompted the trip?

A bit more info from you will help forum members come up with useful suggestions

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Thanks your inputs.

That's right - we arrive on 21st Dec at 7 AM and flying back on 31st Dec 7 PM. plan to cover places starting Frankfurt and end at Munich. One of the plan we initially thought was below but i guess it may be too hectic.

Frankfurt > Lauterbrunnen > Lucerne > Innsbruck > Mittenwasl > Salzburg > Munich

Any inputs ? Either we stay at one place for 3 days and visit the above near by cities on a day trip or be on the move.

We open to change the itinerary and stick to two countries for 9 days.

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10 days, I would skip Switzerland this time. Stick with the Romantic Road, Munich, Garmish/Fussen, Salzburg/Berchtesgaden and Vienna. It will be cold, days are short, it gets dark at 4:30PM and sometimes it snows!

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Hectic yes - Lauterbrunnen and Lucerne are a long way away for 10 days.

If you are not locked into arriving in Frankfurt (you don't mention anything specific of interest to you there) consider flying into Zurich (if you really want some Switzerland) or Munich instead.
Check out for travel times and routes among your possible destinations.

You could stop in Nuremberg for the Christmas market between Frankfurt and Munich, or as a day trip from Munich, then head south to Innsbruck/Mittenwald, east to Salzburg, and back west to Munich.

Have fun!