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10 day road trip in Rhine/ Bavaria (Aug 2018)

I will be a new mom in about a month, and I'm already dreaming about a European vacation with my husband and 5 month old child. I want to take this vacation before I introduce solids to my baby (before he/ she turns 6 months old) so that it's much easier to travel. I will be flying from Mumbai, India and wish not to spend more than 9-10 hours on a flight with the infant. My husband and I are huge fans of the countryside and want to do a quintessential European road trip. We have already been to UK (England + Scotland), Bavaria (Munich/ Garmisch P/ Mittenwald), Austria, Rep of Ireland and Italy (Tuscany).

Below is the tentative plan I've made:
Hire a rental car in Prague
28, 29, 30 July- Stay in Cesky Krumlov
31 July, 1 Aug, 2 Aug- Stay in Rothenburg ob der Tauber with day trip to Dinkelsbühl
3 Aug, 4 Aug, 5 Aug- Stay in Freiburg, with day trips to Black Forest and other towns like Gengenbach etc
6 Aug, 7 Aug, 8 Aug- Stay in Bacharach, with day trips to Eltz Castle/ Koblenz/ Cochem/ Beilstein etc (can choose any 2-3).
9 Aug, 10 Aug- Stay in Bamberg
11 Aug, 12 Aug, 13 Aug- Drop the rental car in Prague. Stay in Prague
14 Aug- Flight from Prague to Mumbai

What do you all think of this plan?

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"My husband and I are huge fans of the countryside..."

Then why not stay in the countryside? Freiburg, Bamberg, Rothenburg and Cesky K. are either cities of some size or very, very busy tourist enclaves.

It's easy to find nice, small places nearby, like Kirchzarten, near Freiburg, that really are in the countryside:

Black Forest Accommodations... just enter a town and search:

Gutach is a nice spot:

Also, Bacharach is not central to your day trip destinations, all of which are on the Mosel River. I would look into some of these towns instead:

Pay Bacharach a visit on your way to the Mosel or on the return trip.

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Thanks Russ! Point very valid, will look for cute villas on Airbnb that are located in countryside!