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1 Day Itinerary Triberg/Strasbourg/Heidelberg

Hi guys,

Would it be too ambitions to plan 3 places at one shot? I have a few places and restaurant in mind in each place. Though I am quite flexible. If it is too much for a day, I can cut it down to 2 places. What would you guys recommend?

Triberg: We were thinking of going to the Triberg Falls and visiting the largest cuckoo clock.
Strasbourg: Strasbourg Cathedral, check out La Petite France together with a restaurant and a few pastry shop.
Heidelberg: Heidelberg Castle, Old bridge, Market Square.

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Triberg to Strasbourg is 1.5 hours (driving) plus time to park, etc.

Strasbourg to Heidelberg is 3 hours (by car) plus time to park, etc. (assuming NO stau approaching the city).

That doesn't leave much time to actually sight see.

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Is this a day trip starting from and returning to somewhere else? If so, where? Or, is it a one way staring in X, to Triberg, then Strasbourg, then Heidelberg and staying in Heidelberg that night? It might make a difference in the answers you get.

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Ok, from what I see, I may be too ambitious if I want to target all 3 places.

We are staying in Lutisburg (we are going to have to drive back, not time limit on that) and will be driving to the mentioned areas. So setting off early is a must. From google, travelling from Lutisburg to Triberg is already 2 hours.

Is there a possibility of doing 2 of these places? (eg, Triberg/Strausbourg, Triberg, Heidelberg, etc......) Or could you guys recommend surrounding areas?

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From your other post re environmental sticker for Strasbourg, there is a park&ride behind Kehl train station, across the river from Strasbourg. From there you can take either a train or tram into Strasbourg for a few hours, then return and continue to Heidelberg.