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Train passes

I've traveled some but this next trip I'm taking is going to be a lot of train travel. going to the rhine river for 4 njghts....koblenz being my base, I want to see castles. ..kd cruises/ follow going to stuttgart,munich(fussen 1 night),salzburg,cesky krumlov,prague...please give me advice on passes or better itinerary, would appreciate everything

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Staying in Koblenz, you can take advantage of the VRM ticket to cover all the train travel downriver to Rolandseck, and upriver to Oberwesel on the west bank of the Rhine, and similar on the east bank, plus up the Mosel as far as Bulach, including buses. Cost is 37 Euro for a single or 43.60 for a group up to 5, for travel after 9 am weekdays, all day weekends for 3 days. Prices are as of 2014, maybe a tad more now.

Trains to Stuttgart then Munich can be done with Saver tickets bought in advance. Trains to Fuessen and Salzburg from Munich with Bayern Tickets at 23 euro plus 5 euro for each additional person up to 5 max on local trains.

Czech trains are even cheaper.

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Traveling solo...first concerns..putting down then getting to know the sightseeing,where,when and with everyone,I'm on a budget but would like to see what I can

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With Koblenz as a base, "stuttgart,munich, fussen,salzburg, cesky krumlov, and prague" are hardly side trips. There is plenty to see on the Rhein and Mosel. Don't push it.

There are really only two intact castle in that area (Burg Eltz and the Marksburg) and the ruins of Rheinfels in St. Goar (there are two or three day, right there).