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Spätzle Express Berlin

I came up with another place to review in my attempt to help fill the 3rd column of the travel forum main page: Spätzle Express, a total "hole-in-the-wall" place that serves cheap, tasty, filling Swabian food just outside the Görlitzer U station in Kreuzberg in Berlin.

It was recommended to me by my musician German language tutor several years ago before my first trip to Berlin. He had previously lived in the neighborhood and liked it.

I popped over to their web page today to remind myself of a couple of things before writing the review... only to find that the restaurant has permanently closed after 15 years of operation. Apparently it was a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm really sad. It was a place I regularly visited when in Berlin.

So... I guess this is less a review and more an expression of sorrow. Farewell, Spätzle Express. I miss you already.

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Spätzle, of course! 🙂

They had a ton of different varieties... all came with a salad. The small was more than enough food and was something like 3-4 euro, as I recall. It was surprisingly inexpensive.

The Schupfnudeln (a small dumpling) mit Speck und Sauerkraut was also quite tasty.

I don't recall seeing Gulasch on the menu, so it might not have been your kind of place 😁😁😁

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real shame, i love Spatzle,started eating it about 40 years ago when i was going out with a girl from Konstanz Germany,eat it at home when my local Lidl has it available.I ain't making it myself ,far too messy. I once brought a huge commercial size Spatzle press back to Scotland for my German friends (who had introduced me to my girlfriend), was stopped at check-in(long before the security we have now) looked like a machine gun on the x-rays but once they saw what it was and what it is for we all had a good laugh.

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Mmmmm...spaetzle amd gulasch! Both are now on my menu for this week...time to dig out the recipes and spaetzle-maker!

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Spätzle don't have to be messy to make.

I put the dough into a freezer bag (or use a piping bag) and snip off a corner (start tiny and test to get the size right).
Pipe into boiling water.

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The city where I live has 2 German restaurants. One is more of a sandwich shop and German grocery -- it serves Gulasch with spätzle during the winter months. I love that place. The other German restaurant is pricier and more high-end, but I've never been terribly impressed.

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In Munich one evening we asked the fellow at the hotel where we could get spaetzle for dinner. Without missing a beat, he simply replied, “Stuttgart “. We weren’t as dedicated and found a place around the corner.

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Writing as a person who has more than a little Swabian blood I can offer my list of places to enjoy Swabian food. Tubingen, Ulm, and my ancestral village of Grabenstetten. You will have to a Google search for Swabian restaurants to Tubingen and Ulm but there is only one bar/cafe in Grabenstetten. The church there dates back to 1480.

Besides spaetzle there is another well known dish named maultaschen. There are also a number of sausage and meat dishes that you can enjoy in any of these places. They have extensive menus. In case you wondered the beer is excellent in any of these places. The farmers market in Ulm on Thursdays has a booth that sells hot sausage or steak sandwiches which you will find excellent especially if the day is moist and chilly.

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In case you wondered the beer is excellent in any of these places.

How true. A fine example is the litte Berg Bräu in Berg near Ehingen (20 km sw of Ulm), operating since 1466 and being in the ownership of the same family since 1757. Has an excellent Brauereiwirtschaft.