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Small B&B Munich

We will be in Munich with another couple for 4 nights in early April. I have searched at length for a small, family run B&B to stay at, but have had little success. We really enjoy the visiting and laughter formed around a convivial table rather than the anonymity of a hotel. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

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a small, family run B&B

In Germany the kind of place you are looking for is called a "Privatzimmer" or (or not exactly correct) a "Zimmer frei". I stay in a lot of Privatzimmer, but I find these more common in small towns or in the suburbs.

I usually find these places using accommodation lists shown on town websites, but, last I knew, Munich's accommodations list was captive of a booking website, and booking websites don't generally feature these inexpensive accommodations. You might have success with a website like AirBnB, but so far I have not been impressed by AirBnB.

In Munich, I would look for a simple pension like Lindner. I've never stay in Pension Lindner, but I plan to try it my next trip. In Munich, I used to stay in a very traditional German hotel in the suburbs, but it has been converted to an apartment house. Then I stayed in a small hotel inside the old city, but they retired. Sigh. But I have seen good reviews from people who stayed in Lindner.

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We stayed at Pension Lindner about 3 years ago after doing the RS Eastern Europe trip. We traveled to Munich from the end of the tour with another tour couple and I booked Lindner. The location was good. Close enough to walk to everything we wanted to see.
Marion was a very nice hostess, breakfast was nice and she was helpful. The day before we had to leave we told her that we had to check out early so not to count on us for breakfast and we paid our tab. She said she would be there to see us off and have breakfast for us early, which was unexpected but very nice and helpful! I would stay there again in a heartbeat!

The couple we traveled with had scoped out a museum that hubby and I didn't know about. The museum of The White Rose at the University. The white rose was the nickname for Sophie Scholl. She and her brother Hans were university students who resisted and caused trouble for the Nazis along with some other students and a few professors. We went to the museum and though it was very worthwhile. It's small and at the time there was no entry fee, just a jar for donations. The 4 of us were glad we had gone. I did read somewhere that it had moved to a different location on the campus, not sure where. There was a book (The White Rose) written and I think a movie quite a while ago. If you like this kind of history, you might want to check it out.

I hope you have a great time!

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I liked Hotel Uhland in Munich. It is located in a more residential area and is a renovated mansion. Spotless with a wonderful breakfast included. I wouldn't call it a small BnB, but it is a small inn.

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In Germany you want a Pension or a Gasthaus; B&B is not a well used term. My favorite Munich Pension is gone now...Now days when traveling for business I stay in larger commecial hotels, but on my own I use Boutique hotels as much as possible. Try Schwabinger Wahrheit; the location is great!