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Schwangau Restaurants

Hotel Alpenstuben was a very good meal for a tourist site. The food was prepared well and it was at a fair price. We enjoyed typical German cuisine at a not-so elevated price considering it was at the base of the mountains that contained the most visited castles in Germany. One can probably get a (marginally) better meal at a (marginally) better price in Fussen but why bother leaving Schwangau if you don’t need to.

Our second night in Schwangau we ate at our hotel, the Hotel Waldmann. After a long day touring Neuschwanstein, Schloss Hohenschwangau and The Kings Museum, we just didn’t feel like going out again. Besides, a cold rain was moving back in and we just wanted to stay inside a warm and cozy dining room. The meal was excellent and a great value. I would have no problem recommending this restaurant.

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