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I actually desperately do need a schnitzel thread.

I manage when I am in Germany, but I never hit the good places, just the that's OK places, and don't really understand all the intricacies. We sometimes buy Lidl pre-breaded meat here in the UK, and it is barely OK, but then we fail on the sauce.


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Sauce? Here in Oberpfalz (Bayern) there usually is no sauce. Just the breaded Schnitzel, pork of veal. If you get a "Natural Schnitzel" it is not breaded and usually comes with a lite almost white mushroom cream sauce. I have been in Hessen (Frankfurt) and had a Jägerschnitzel that was a breaded Schnitzel with a heavier salter brown mushroom gravy type sauce covering it. In my region you have to ask for something like this as it usually is not on the menu. I like a breaded pork Schnitzel with Pfifferlingen mushrooms when in season. You usually have to ask for this too.