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Schneeballen comment!

This isn't a hotel or restaurant review, but simply a comment. While in Rothenburg last week, we decided to try the local "delicacy" of Schneeballen. In the RS Germany guidebook, the comment is made that these (found everywhere in every bakery) are "bad-tasting" and "unworthy of the heavy promotion they receive". It is also mentioned that "there's little reason to waste your appetite on a Schneeballen". We decided that the fact that they are a "local delicacy" was reason enough to try them!! They are, as mentioned, pie dough crumpled into a ball......but we thought they were similar to eating leftover pie dough sprinkled with cinnamon, like when your mom was making pies. They aren't bad at all.....the ones we tried were very flaky and nice. I'm wondering why it was necessary to disparage them? Why not just mention that they are promoted everywhere and a tradition in Rothenburg and let people decide for themselves whether they are "bad-tasting"? We try to always taste the local food and form our own opinion.

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I find Schneeballen far from the best pastry in Germany, but they're tasty enough, particularly the varieties that have a little bit of jelly in them. I agree, why not try them? It's not like they cost very much.

"unworthy of the heavy promotion they receive" Hah! You could say the same exact thing about Rothenburg, once you realize how littered Germany is with well preserved historic towns.

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I tried one to for the same reason-it was such a promoted traditional treat. I thought it was pretty good, not bad at all. It was kind of hard to figure out the best way to eat it. I didn't catch those Rick Steves comments about them, but I would have tried them anyway. I always have to try anything that is said to be the traditional treat of a city or area.