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Rooms for 3 People

We'll be going to Italy, Austria, Germany and Paris and there will be 3 of us in one room. Most of the hotels in Rick Steve's books list doubles but not a lot of triples.
1. Does anyone know if the double rooms can accommodate a 3rd person even though a triple is not listed in Rick's guidebook?
2. Can they bring in a roll away bed?
3. If yes, are they reasonably comfortable?
4. If they allow for a 3rd person about how much extra a night would they charge?

I'm hoping someone that traveled with 3 people can answer these questions.
Thank you

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For Germany and Austria: A double (DZ) is just as it says two people in the room, the same goes for a single (EZ) one person in the room. For three persons you need to tell "them" you want a triple, where three beds are part of the room, no roll way bed. I've seen two people rooming in a triple, depending on the proprietor (Inhaber), but never vice versa. That isn't done. A small hotel or Pension will offer mostly EZ and DZ, but may have a couple of triples. That's what you need . If the place has a double to accommodate 2 of you, then the third person has to get a single, or you go to another hotel. It's the same in Paris.

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Try You can put 3 adults in the box to find accommodations for your group, then decide among the options which may include many types.

You can filter the results by lots of criteria. I ignore the stars, but limit the ratings to 8 and higher. And I use only to identify the options. I contact the places directly for more information and to book.

You will be surprised to see how many places can handle your group.

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In Europe, if you need a room for 3 people you must reserve it as such, for two reasons. First, the fire laws are strict, so hotels are not willing to put more people in a room than it is rated for. Second, hotel rooms in general are much smaller than in the US, so you really need a room big enough for 3 people.

While triples are rarer than doubles or singles, they certainly exist. Some will be doubles with an extra bed shoe-horned in, and will be cramped, but others will be larger rooms that can hold three beds very comfortably (of course, the larger rooms will be pricier). The price differential between doubles and triples varies all over the map, due to these factors (many European hotels are in older buildings and have undergone multiple renovations to add bathrooms, etc, and often they were not built as hotels to start, so the rooms within a hotel are much less uniform than in the US).

The best ways to find them are to use a booking site such as Hotels dot com or Booking dot com, and specify a room for 3 people; or, if there's a hotel that interests you, e-mail them directly to ask for what you need. Just because Rick doesn't list triples at a particular hotel doesn't mean they don't exist. But be specific in your request: for instance, if you need 3 single beds, be sure to say so, or you may end up with a double bed and a single bed.

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the good news? if you ever go to Ireland with this same grouping, a double bed and a twin seems to be the standard equipment in a lot of rooms.............

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Different hotel rules than here, in much of Europe.

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Try also the local town website, www dot town_name dot de (.de in Germany, .at in Austria, .it in Italy, and .fr in France). Town website usually have a lot more options. You'll have to search a little more to find what kind of rooms they have, but the town website will have a lot more places on the economical side. Sure, the places won't have 24 hour room service or heated towel racks, but those extras add too much to the price.

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My family took the My Way Alpine tour this summer. Of course, we did not set the hotels up personally, but the rooms in Salzburg and Fussen were for 3 people. Salzburg had 3 single beds in a large room. Fussen had a double bed and a single in a relatively small room. We were comfortable enough since we didn't spend much time in the hotel rooms.