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I've stayed in Bacharach and Koblenz a few times over the years.

Any place you stay in Bacharach will be incessantly clean and a wonderful place to stay. Our last visit was to a B&B, and the owners were the local bakers--and goat farmers.

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I don't know that hotel, unfortunately, but what is not really visible in the pretty picture is that between the Rhine and the town there is the road and the railroad so that a room with a view of the Rhine must really have good soundproofing. I therefore opted on my last visit for accommodation at the other end of town in the extreme corner (the hotel was accordingly called "Zum Malerwinkel", had pleasant rooms and a beautiful garden for the guests). There was only a view of the vineyards, but it was wonderfully quiet.

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No experience with that hotel, but I stayed in Bacharach in June at Hotel am Markt, a block farther from the railroad tracks. We had noise from both the main road through town and the train. Your hotel is right on the railroad tracks. And closer to the main road that runs along the river. It will be loud. If you are a light sleeper, you might reconsider.

Bacharach is a lovely, super cute town, but I much prefer Boppard as a base. Lovely promenade on the river with lots of hotels, many more food options, and the railroad tracks are a few blocks away. Bacharach is really a “rolls up the sidewalk” kind of town. Many shops were closed in June, which I would think would be a busy time of year.

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Many shops were closed in Bacharach when I was there this past May, but I thought it was because it was a Sunday.
I also loved Boppard, and would recommend hotel Bellevue! Safe travels!

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We stayed there but I wouldn't say recently, it was in 2015. It was delightful though! Comfortable and clean, and the restaurant was delicious. No issues with noise and we enjoyed their free rental bikes. Go for it!