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Recommended West Berlin Restaurants (2) & Kneipe

Thanks to our student-abroad relative, we were able to have a great time in Berlin (late May 2023), particularly in the Schöneberg area where she had a homestay.

Three places she took us to that we'd recommend:
Restaurants (bonus of being there during spargel [asparagus]) season-

Dicke Wirtin (Savignyplatz)-- lots of previous reviews and recommendations; several local/regional tap beer options. Good place for an introductory meal.

Wilhelm Hoeck 1892 (Charlottenburg)-- solid traditional menu and setting (with English menu subtitles). Alerts: 1) does have the vibe of a locals' hangout, so you might have to endure some looks; 2) some reviews state staff is rude/pushy. With our German-speaking relative, we likely were given more leeway. Our waitress was slightly brusque and opinionated, but not enough to negatively affect our experience. Loved my spargel flammekueche.

E. & M. Leydicke (Schöneberg). (If you're game to be something of a fish out of water.) VERY traditional kneipe where we were glad proprietor liked our relative and her host family. Place is smoky, open 1900-0200, has a short drink list (one tap beer [Engelhardt Pilsener-- very good]). But a bowl of crisps was brought to our table and sandwich halves were available for the taking. Regular music shows on the small stage. Proprietor (Raymond) was bummed we wouldn't be around for a jazz trombonist (in from Philadelphia) playing three days after our departure. An immersive experience indeed.